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1964 Chevrolet

Corvair Monza Spyder


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Engine Size
164 CI
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder

1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder

Introduced in 1960, the Corvair shattered Detroit's conventional car mold. It was GM's first unit-body car mass-produced within the US. It beat Corvette to market as the first American postwar car to feature front and rear independent suspensions. And the Corvair became the first mass-produced domestic car to tout a rear-mounted air-cooled engine. That alone was staggering, to say nothing of the fact that it was also a compact car that fit snugly into a rapidly growing market. Conventional wisdom might suggest that such an unconventional car would muster only marginal sales, but such was not the case. In just one season, dealers sold 250,007 Corvairs in three trim levels, which was good for third place behind Falcon and Rambler and well ahead of the other compacts.

This showroom condition 1964 Corvair Monza Spyder 6-cylinder air cooled turbocharged car spent many years in the Gast Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after a 1985 full restoration. Only 3,604 miles clocked since the restoration, it does not get any better than this example of the Corvair. Ralph Nader? This car asks who's he!?

Near flawless red showing very slight dulling (nothing a quick buff will restore back to all but original), with gaps being consistently minded and rust-free straight steel surrounding the unibody on this car. Chrome is very nice and completely shiny, and a white convertible top is flawless. A sparkling trim line runs around the wheel wells, and thickens for the rockers, then thins again at the rear wheel well, and adds a nice highlight to the field of red. Standard Corvair wheel covers like new are attached to all 4 wheels with thin whites wrapped on the outside.

As one knows with owning anything that is white great care must be taken to keep it perfect, and this car has had excellent care. The white vinyl surfaces on the buckets and rear bench, as well as door panels are totally clean, straight, and no blemishes. The dash is showroom with its aluminum panel embedded into the white and red metal/padded vinyl dash with a 120MPH speedo, and manifold boost gauge, and corresponding fronting steering wheel. Perfect red carpet floods the floors and shows almost no wear! A power switch for the top is noted and works perfectly up and down. Mileage shown on odometer is since the 1987 restoration.

These pre-pony pocket performers may not pack the grunt of an LS6 big-block, but they do offer a tantalizing power-to-weight ratio for a much more affordable entry fee. That being a 164ci horizontally opposed turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, with a piston stroke increased to 2.94 inches putting out 150hp. The Turbo boosted HP from the standard 120 to 150! A 4-speed manual transmission is attached to the engine. The differential was integral-technically a transaxle- due to its rear engine rear wheel drive configuration and was set at 3.55:1 for better performance.

A car of this quality of restoration is no slouch underneath as expected with all surfaces totally rust free, and save for a few water droplet marks, has not a mark on it. Total structural strength, and total good-looking appearance.

Though this car was poo pooed safety wise (probably unwarranted), it was a real performer with the Monza and Spyder options and all at a very reasonable price. This particular example sat in a prestigious museum next to a Tucker, 427 Corvette, and perfectly restored AC Cobra so it was a real looker. Now you can be the beneficiary of all this painstaking work and attention to detail as there is little to no fault with this example. Turn the key and drive to a show, pick up your trophy and plan your next show!

VIN Decode
W-Willow Run Assy Plant
106126-Sequential Unit Number

Trim Tag
09B-2nd Week September Build
STYLE 64-0667-1964 Corvair 600 2dr Convertible BODY WR 240-Willow Run, Body #240 TRIM 727-1-White Interior, White Top PNT 936 Q- Ermine White Exterior, Red & White Interior
W-Tinted Windshield
D2-Power Top
3C-Padded Dash

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