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1938 Dodge

Panel Delivery


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Engine Size
218 ci L-Head I6
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual
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1938 Dodge Panel Delivery

1938 Dodge Panel Delivery


The history of Dodge trucks, which lives on today in modern incarnations, dates to nearly 100 years ago. One of the classics of the Dodge brand is the 1938 Dodge Humpback delivery truck, sometimes also called the Humpback Panel Truck. It was designed for use by businesses making deliveries. Today, collectors and Mopar enthusiasts get very excited about the rare 1938 Dodge humpback delivery truck and the other similar models from the 1930s. They are rare and enthusiasts love to get their hands on them for restorations and custom builds.

Now this is one odd and interesting looking truck! It's a Dodge Panel truck with a “humpback” roof, which makes standing in the back of it much more comfortable. If you ran a delivery service back in 1938, this was the kind of rig you might have wanted in your fleet! It has more than enough space to haul everything from milk to appliances. Sadly, it has rust issues and the engine doesn't run.

Covered in surface rust this barn find is all steel and has spent some time outdoors. Invasive rust is also present on numerous panels and various areas throughout this truck, mostly on the bottoms of the panels. Viewing the beautiful photos will give you a good idea of condition, and the extent of which you can salvage any parts for this enclosed delivery van. The humpback allows the user to stand up while working in the back. Noted is the roof which was steel has been removed and only the structural skeleton for it remains. Also, a highlight for the back is the swooping rear doors and back which have a beautiful use of the curved line.

All utilitarian, all in need of restoration, or just pick parts you will need for your current restoration project. None of the seats exists at this time. Interior shows more surface and invasive rust and a dash with some gauges, some missing in action, and mostly invaded with surface rust. Also, the entire rear floor is rotted out with just a few boards remaining.

A 218 Ci L head inline 6-cylinder unrestored engine sits under the hood. It has a 1-barrel carburetor attached, and a 3-speed manual transmission on the back. The engine is currently not running.

Plenty of surface rust on the frame and floorpans, and invasive rust has eaten away some of the undercarriage frame. Also, there is invasive rust the hangers meet the body. Leaf spring suspension is on all 4 corners, and drum brakes are noted all around.

Salvage what you can and utilize it on your current restoration or make use of the frame or any other salvageable parts for this sedan delivery. The humpback body is mostly still there excepting the rocker areas.


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