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1959 Edsel

Villager Station Wagon


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Engine Size
332 CUI V8
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1959 Edsel Villager Station Wagon

1959 Edsel Villager Station Wagon

During his early childhood, Edsel and his father worked side by side on cars. Later on, Edsel became more fascinated by the shapes of automobiles than by their inner workings. As a teenager, he built several speedsters, mostly T-based. Edsel was indulging in a common pastime of the day, one shared by quite a few young men with money, the difference being that Edsel had an unlimited supply of parts. This love of styling and building cars would come in very handy as time went on. As for the actual car, buyers didn't purchase the Edsel, because it was a bad or ugly car. They didn't buy it because it didn't live up to the expectations the company created in the prior months with the epic advertising campaign. So actually, the first failure occurred for the Ford Edsel before anyone even saw the automobile.

For consignment, an original Edsel Villager Station Wagon, kept in dry storage for the last 30 years and part of a larger collection, but never shown to the public. Thought to be mostly original this car presents with patina and early pre-Mercury class that the eventual line took on.

Not perfect but certainly solid as President Red bathes this long and mighty car, with straight steel panels, and decently minded gaps. A Snow White spear trimline runs the length of the car at the belt line. A Snow White hardtop, and lower tailgate trim are seen as well. With the dual headlights flanking the horizontal grille ends, and the iconic vertical center known as the “toilet seat” or “vulva” grille, it was either loved or hated. This one presents in good condition, as does the grille, and chrome bumpers. A wrap around windscreen fronts a massive chrome trimmed greenhouse topped by the Snow White metal roof. The rear of the car sports a tailgate and a pop-up rear window for easy access to the cargo area. (no 3rd row of seats on the Villager). All badging and brite-work is correct and attached and in good condition throughout, as over embellishment abounds, right down to the complex design and the Edsel oval logo chromed side view mirrors.

This spacious interior with 2 full benches and seating for a comfortable 6, is covered in textured gold puff cloth and red vinyl, all in used but good condition with no rips our tears. A textured thin pile carpet in red covers the floors, and the cargo area is painted metal with a flip up panel for the spare. (which is nonexistent on this car). The dash takes design queues from the overall design with a rectangular starburst style speedometer, with 2 oval gauge/warning light clusters below it. This if fronted by a 3 spoke steering wheel, all original and a shift lever on the column and the steering wheel push buttons done away with for this year. The red metal and shiny chrome dash continues across the front bench with heater controls, an AM radio, clock which still works! and a large glovebox. The massive headliner is tight and has chrome panel dividers curved to match the ceiling. Door panels show some wear and tarnishing of the vinyl, but typical use for an original car this age.

A flip of the hood we note an assumed original engine that does look like it has been restored. Noted are new hoses and valve covers and air cleaner cover have retained their silver matte factory spray. All in its 332ci V8 glory, it starts quickly and runs smoothly after some warmup time. This engine is topped by a 2-barrel carburetor, and a 2-speed Mile-o-Matic (don't you just love these 50's transmission names?!) automatic transmission.

With loads of rustproofing spray, still black it is hard to tell if it is over spraying rust, however based on the condition of the rest of the car we can only assume it is rust free. Structure seems sound, floorpans are sprayed but solid. Drum brakes are all around and lower door panels are clean, and have good rubber weather stripping, and are rust free.

With an intensive interest in my test driving this vehicle not only for this description, but having accomplished the drive, I can say I drove an Edsel. What I discovered is a smooth cloud like ride, smooth shifting of the 2-speed, and good acceleration after a warmup. I also noted that something is awry in the driver's front wheel area, whether it be a wheel bearing or something with the suspension. There is also a pretty good pull to the left when the brakes are applied. I noticed the brakes were sticking, and when you first drive away, the car tends to stick a bit until it gets going. But hey, after 30 years in a dry storage environment, and 60 years old, she's looking really good for her age, and in the scope of things, these are minor problems.

VIN Decode
B-332 CUI V8
U-Louisville, KY Assy Plant
T-Villager 4 Door 6 Passenger Station Wagon
713388-Sequential Unit Number

Warranty Tag
BODY-71F=Villager 4 Door 6 Passenger Wagon
COLOR-FE1=President Red & Snow White
TRIM-31=White & Red Vinyl With Gold Puff Cloth
DATE-12M=December 12, 1959 Build Date
TRANS-3=Mile O Matic 2 Speed
AXLE-1=3.10 Gears

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