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1975 Oldsmobile



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Engine Size
455 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1975 Oldsmobile Toronado

1975 Oldsmobile Toronado

The Oldsmobile Toronado was sold from 1966 through 1992. It was built as a low-priced luxury car with excellent performance and a revolutionary design. The name Toronado has no meaning; it was made up for a 1963 Chevrolet show car. The American automobile manufacturer Cord had created a vehicle in the mid-1930's that used front-wheel drive. Since that time most American automobiles used rear-wheel drive. The Toronado, a full-sized American car using front wheel drive, is credited with revolutionizing and stimulating the industry to use the front-wheel design. For the American Automotive Community, it was a risky concept. The front-wheel design was viewed as a reason why Cord had gone bankrupt. Many were skeptical of having the front of the vehicle handle most of the weight, be responsible for steering and braking, and drive the car.

We offer you a revolutionary car with features many cars did not even dare put into effect until years later. Front wheel drive, airbags, and the CHMSL (center high mounted brake light). This example, though not perfect, is rarely seen on the roads today, even though it was a very popular car in the mid 1970's. Breathe it in, and have a read… (think excited!)

With looks very similar to a Lincoln, and power similar to a muscle car, the Toronado is a fine mixture of both. With its V bumper below the matching V hood and simple horizontal built in grille, it could be a squared off (think Cord). Dual headlights in rectangular format flank the long hood, which makes its way back to the slightly curved around windscreen. Plenty of chrome trim resides here bordering the windscreen, and Landau Padded Vinyl top with an opera window (think Continental). Sides include long straight steel panels with good alignment, and …chrome trim, circumnavigating the wheel wells, and rockers. Bringing up the rear is a notched paneled trunk, where the CHMSL lights reside, and thin vertical taillights (think Cadillac). All steel panels are draped in Ebony Black. As noted not perfect with some scratches and faults, but this car can be shown or driven, or both, as it's a driver, and frowns upon garage and trailer queens (think Toronado).

A heave of the massive door reveals an environment dyed in Dark Oxblood. Door panels are the Oxblood in Vinyl with carpeted lowers. The driver's door shows an area of vinyl on the armrest that has been repaired with tape (think quick repair?), as well as the power window controls. Big comfortable velour covered Oxblood dyed buckets with buttons and tufting, and power adjustments, fill the front passenger compartment. A large center armrest in matching velour sits in the middle of the massive buckets. Straddling the rear are 2 more buckets, with an integrated center armrest, and vinyl surrounds. The dash and steering wheel are original and utilize the mid 70's “squared off design principle” even down to a “digital” clock. Fluffy unstained Oxblood carpet below, and Oxblood nicely stretched Vinyl above complete the interior.

An original unrestored, but well maintained 455ci V8 topped by a single 4-barrel carburetor and attached to a TH-425 3-speed automatic transmission. Both run very smoothly…(think power).

A thorough look underneath, and we are met with lots of surface rust, and an exhaust system that needs to be replaced due to rust invasion that has taken some of the piping on the driver's side away. Rockers have the surface rust, as do some of the floorboards, however it does not appear there are any problems structurally. Power disc brakes upfront, and power drum brakes in the rear are noted. (think better get that fixed!)

Combining luxury, mid 1970's design, and some muscle, this car could be all 3 cars if you want. In fair+ to good condition, it can be driven right to the muffler shop where it needs an exhaust system installed, but otherwise it is ready to turn heads! ( think positive)

VIN Decode
Z-Toronado Brougham
57-2 Door Hardtop Coupe
W-455 V8
M-Lansing, MI Assy Plant
707988-Sequential Unit Number

Trim Tag
ST 75 3EZ57-1975 Oldsmobile
Toronado 2 Door
Hardtop Coupe
BDY LAN 276865- Lansing Plant,
Body # 276865
TR 73d- Dark Oxblood Cloth
Strato Bench Seat
PNT 19/19T- Ebony Black/Black
Landau Roof
10D-4th Week October Build Date
AM6-Power Driver seat 60/40 Bench
CB4-Landau Roof
B84-Exterior Side & Front Molding

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