1972 Ford Mustang Coupe

1972 Ford Mustang Coupe

With the automakers in the early 70's, an impending doom was looming over their heads, that being the oil embargo. Ford was going to totally re design the Mustang and market it as a fuel-efficient smaller car. But it had cars already in the line, parts needed to be used up, so the marketing of a basic Mustang to women and families as a sporty family car became the new mantra at Ford.

For consignment the grocery getter, go out to lunch 2-door sporty family sedan, that would get decent gas mileage, have the badge of owning a Mustang, and use up all the larger parts before the redo. Everyone was a winner!

A 65D body, that being a 2-door coupe, presented to us in Ivy Glow Green, and some fancy white striping at the belt line. This car has some invasive body panel rust issues that need to be addressed before they go too far and render it too costly to fix. Lower panels below the lower trim are invaded with surface rust, bubbling and surface rust is seen at the rear quarter panels, and extensive rust in and around the rear window trim is noted. Looking carefully at the paint, one can note steel panel edges that have popped a slight gap near the “B” pillars. Bottom of doors are involved as well and will need attention. Chrome and brite work are in fair condition, showing some pitting and bubbling. Badging is in fair condition with a letter missing on the rear brake light panel. New tires with standard mag style wheels are on all 4 corners.

Tall back green vinyl buckets are seen in front, and a 2+2 bench stretches across the rear of the interior cabin. All vinyl seats and door panels appear in good + condition with no tears or wear showing. Fronting the seats is the original dash, which shows in good condition. An aftermarket radio has been installed and a connector peeks out from the radio which awaits your hand-held device. Floating in the center console area is a small console with the 3-speed gear shifter. This is surrounded by faded and some stained green carpeting and no floor mats. A note in the trunk with the original spare tire plaid cover, some aftermarket carpeting, and underneath more rust to contend with.

The 302ci two-barrel V8 sits inside the original engine bay and appears to be in all original condition. It is backed by a 3-speed manual transmission, and an 8-inch post-traction rear.

Surface rust abounds underneath particularly in the rear axle and suspension area, but structurally consigner states that it is sound. Tubs are involved and some of the rustproofing has peeled off, revealing slight rust through where they meet the toe kick areas, as well as the backs of the tubs. Drum brakes are actuated by newer brake lines installed in the front and back of the vehicle.

This car will need some TLC in the rust remediation areas noted. It is a clean example of a base Mustang from 1972.

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