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1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe

1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe Convertible

Old cars have gotten a bad reputation lately as being a rich man's game; news reports and TV shows depicting cars passing over the auction block for literally millions of dollars can easily put that impression in peoples' heads. Happily, like so much of what passes for “reality TV” and “news” these days, most of it is orchestrated hokum, and an example of the bank-draining insanity that can happen when you have a live camera trained on you.

When you say, “Fifties cars,” most folks think fins, but if you look on the other side of the Jet Age, in the first half of that decade, enough has changed in our cars nearly 60 years on that these machines manage to feel vintage–they transport you to another era. We also need to look at the word “Deluxe” which was used by virtually every car manufacturer at one point or another. This car oozes “Deluxe” in many ways, like its design, embellishments, interior chrome, and curved lines. All affordable, and a real piece of vintage that will not break the bank.

A correct 35 year old respray of Plymouth Cream in good condition covers the straight panels on the exterior of this car. Gaps are all very good, and car is straight as an arrow, except for the designer's curvaceous exterior. Transitioning from to the 40's to the 50's the fenders are starting to be almost totally integrated into the car, and the use of chrome accents is becoming more prevalent. All trim on this car presents very nicely and would be classified good condition. From the belt line fender spears, to the rocker trim, and upfront on the hood, the trim line to the ornament centering it. Badging is all attached, light bezels, and chromed bumpers, border a grille in the front, and some badging on the rear. Wide whites are on all fours, and Plymouth logo moon caps are seen as well. A well working convertible top in black canvas with brown trim has a red tonneau cover to snap on when it is in the down position.

Near perfect, with slight patina, ribbed stitched red vinyl benches provide the seating in the passenger compartment. Door and side panels are the red vinyl which matches the seats, and all levers and turn knobs are in good condition. The two tone red and Plymouth Cream dash houses plenty of bezel chromed original gauges, a beautiful radio and speaker combo, and a near perfect heating/air lever control which hangs below the radio. An original cream bakelite steering wheel with a chrome horn fronts the beautiful dash and has a chrome column. Red carpeting covers all aspects of the floor.

A pop of the hood and wishing the very clean engine bay is the original flathead 6-cylinder engine which puts out 97hp and has a 3-speed manual transmission attached to the back.

Some very minor surface rust is noted, otherwise the undercarriage is very sturdy, and had an older but still decent undercoating sprayed on. It appears as though the tailpipe has a hole in it right above the rear differential of the car. Everything else appears normal.

This classic driver restored many years ago still holds its own very well. This writer being attracted to this era of car, had a test drive, and it shifts very smoothly, and started up immediately. Consigner states that the car has been in storage for a while, so that explains the slight hesitation that occurs when pressing the gas. It would be either the carburetor needs cleaned, or the gas in the tank is old.

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