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1975 Mercedes-Benz 240D

1975 Mercedes Benz 240D

Three-box design is a broad automotive styling term describing a coupé, sedan, notchback or hatchback where, when viewed in profile, principal volumes are articulated into three separate compartments or boxes: engine, passenger and cargo. Designed by Paul Bracq, a Frenchman and noted automotive designer, this classic design would be the standard at Mercedes-Benz for the 60's and 70's.

A very nice 240D example, extremely clean, and well kept, by a fastidious owner, who had the engine replaced due to a rock hitting the original oil pan and ruining the original engine. Replaced by Mercedes-Benz themselves, with a factory 240D engine, this car, in the condition it is in, will do another 200 to 300 thousand miles.

Caledonia Green in excellent condition covers all metal surfaces of this car. Badging, chrome and brite work is in a very nice state. A manually operated sunroof is present. A beautiful grille, clear headlights, and a darker pinstripe all in excellent condition. Matching exterior colored Mercedes tri-pointed-star emblem hubcaps are seen all around.

Beautiful camel MB tex covers all the seats and door panels. A Pumpkin color carpet in excellent shape lines the floor. The pristine padded simple designed dash houses the original gauges, and glow plug starting pull out knob. An aftermarket Kenwood AM/FM/CD/USB sound system has been installed and resides in the console/dash area. Air conditioning, and automatic shifter are there as well. All black, no cracks, very clean as is the remainder of the car.

A virtually new Mercedes 2.4 Liter 4-cylinder diesel with a 4-speed automatic transmission, takes a bit to get to speed, but when at pace cruises at 80+ MPH all day without even breaking a sweat.

All but showroom new, no rust, dirt or even any wear is seen anywhere on this car.

Circa the 21st century, Mercedes-Benz models are known for sumptuously appointed cabins, sleek, dramatic styling and a laundry-list of high-tech luxury and convenience gadgets. In comparison, the 1975 240D was quite spartan. This 240D's version of luxury was quality construction and smooth operation, not necessarily an occupant-pampering interior. What many folks remember most about the 240D's interior, though, was the solid "clunk" made by the doors each time they were shut. The Mercedes has a heavy, tank-like feel that inspires confidence. And even today that “clunk” resonates perfectly.

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