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1967 Cadillac

DeVille Convertible


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1967 Cadillac DeVille Convertible

1967 Cadillac DeVille Convertible

When you were a kid and playing outside (do they do that anymore?) and a big Caddy would pull up and ask how to get somewhere locally, and after you told them and they drove away, you 'd say to your friends “someday I'm going to be driving one of those.” Of course, it was the image of success, the larger the car, the more successful you were. In the 1960's Cadillac was synonymous with success.

For consignment, a true 60's classic in all but showroom condition. Documented 45,869 original miles between 3 owners (including consigner). A great example of what TLC, and expeditious maintenance produces…. or rather preserves.

Flamenco Red drapes the straight steel slabs of this incredibly long luxury cruiser. It is not known if there was a respray, however a very close look by our experts could not confirm or deny. We can confirm it matches the build tag code for Flamenco Red. Additionally, on the cosmetic front, everything on the car is original, power top, chrome, interior, trunk, trunk liner and it is all in very good condition. Finally, the spoked wheel covers on all four corners are amazing, and not something one sees on a Caddy every day, but they really add bling to the car.

You know you are dealing with a very clean car, when you don't see any dust accumulated anywhere, even on the dash area, you will see nothing! What we do see though is a very fine red padded top dash, clean aluminum and black unscathed plastic, the gauges and controls that look nearly like they have never been used. An original steering wheel fronts the dash and facing that are a blazing red leather couch like front power seat with split back and the niftiest chromed bar to push the seat backs forward, so you have easier access to the back-leather bench. Thick pile carpet floods the floor and begs for bare feet to crunch their toes into it. Door panels are tufted and buttoned like the seats and have power windows and mirror controls on the door pull/armrest. If you like red, then this car will be the apple of your eye.

A 429ci V8 with a Rochester Quadrajet 4V Carburetor in pristine condition (I considered eating my lunch on top of it, however I did not want to mess it up!) Beautifully painted valve covers, an immaculate engine bay, with a no corrosion, no rust under the hood environment.

Very clean, rust free, structurally very stable frame and floorpan unibody seam area. Power front drum brakes and vented rear drum brakes are seen, as well as a good condition exhaust system.

Cadillac had what the luxury motoring public was looking for in 1967: the right combination of prestige, luxury, performance, and creature comforts. Many Cadillac aficionados believe this body style is the best looking of the sixties. Whether it's your favorite or not, the 1967 Cadillac offered bolder styling than it had for several years, and its generous proportions, comfortable ride, and tastefully elegant interiors are impressive, no matter what your taste in classic cars may be. This particular car received a first place at a Cadillac LaSalle Grand National meet in 2017.

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