1983 Oldsmobile

Delta 88

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1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88

1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale Brougham

Delta has zero to do with Olds using the Greek alphabet. 88 comes from Olds manner of designating series. Or, model types in the lineup. There used to be a model 76 and 78 Meaning 7th type 6 or 8 cylinder… Olds brought out new bodies in 1949 and replaced the type 78 with the 88. In the 50's Olds leaned their model names to aircraft or space age. Which brought the Rocket V8, Futuramic 88, Holiday 88, Jetstar 88, Dynamic 88, Super 88, Delmont 88 and the one you know, the Delta 88. Named more for the delta wing of advanced aircraft than anything. Like the SR71, B70 Valkyrie, F102, XF92, B58 and SciFi ships.

Seen here is a consigner stated all original car, save for a new Jasper transmission which was installed 6,000 miles ago. A fine example from 1983 model year where automobiles still had the stigma where status was measured by the inch, and the more Detroit iron the car had, definitely the better. Space abounded with the interior, and it almost got to the point where they would be putting TV's in and hand the passenger a remote!

There are not many cars of this age, that can claim factory original paint, but this one does. Maroon covers the original steel panels and roof until one gets to the rear passenger area then the Landau top takes over. Dotted with Royale lettering, and “Brougham” badging along with 2 sidelights, one would think you would have to be wealthy to own this baby. One frown is the Landau vinyl moldings are showing signs of dry rot.

An oversize bucket setup in front, and a spacious bench in the back, covered with more crushed velour than an Elvis painting, and in a tufted square buttoned pattern, the pads are reminiscent of a pillow top mattress. Only in the early 1980 could this be all the rage, although it presents with no crack's, rips, stains, all good in here. In iconic style for the era, the use of the rectangle, and square describes the beautifully preserved dash. All working except for the power antenna, and embedded in a sea of burl veneer, all is in excellent condition. Headliner, check,…carpet, check……. clean, check!

A 307ci V8 sits in the all original engine bay. Attached to the back is a smooth shifting 6,000 mile old Jasper automatic transmission.

Really unremarkable, as there is some surface rust, and patina depending on the metal material used, but nothing eventful. The original exhaust has been patched, but consigner tells me it is safe and absolutely non leaking.

Excepting the transmission, all in this car remains original. A non-verifiable 55,000 miles is clocked on the odometer, and honestly this car presents as such. A throwback to the 80's grab your favorite hair band cassette and go for a test drive. This large car drives like a dream.

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