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1971 Opel GT

1971 Opel GT

The Opel GT was a small two-seater from GM's famed German subsidiary. Underneath, it's an Opel Kadett, a small rear-drive car that was pretty mundane transportation even for 1960's Germany. But Opel designed a stunning body for it, one that left no concessions to practicality. A trunk lid? Who needs that?

This is a car that looks sweet from every angle, probably because it has this mini-Mako Shark C3 Corvette-thing going on. In proper sports car fashion, it has a long hood and super-short rear deck. The snout is low and pointy, with headlamps that rotated and flipped up, sort of like what the Porsche 928 did a decade later. It's a low car, but it had broad shoulders that made some of the British sports cars of the time look skinny and awkward.

A 20 year old restoration, painted Flame Red, and showing some age with dulling and spotting on the hood, as well as dulling on the roof and rear deck. Hidden headlights are operational, and chrome is in fair condition overall. Consigner states that some light body work as well as newer paint was performed 10 years ago. Side panels are very shiny as a result. Underside presents well with little surface rust, but otherwise very sound.

Looking mostly original with black vinyl buckets, flanking original console. Consigner states this interior was done 10 years ago when a newer stereo was installed in an otherwise original dash. Gauges are functioning, and steering wheel appears original. Headliner appears slightly separated from roof on passenger side but otherwise unremarkable. Some fit and finish issues are seen with wiring hanging down from under the dash, and some gaps on the passenger side where the console meets the carpet.

A 4-cylinder OHV plant with mechanically sound newly rebuilt carbs, a new intake manifold, as well as exhaust have been installed. A 4-speed manual transmission is attached.

Ultimately the Datsun 240Z led to the demise of this joint German/GM venture, however in the mean time, a neat affordable little sports car was developed. For consignment, a lightly restored, well maintained sexy little coupe is here for the taking at Classic Auto Mall.

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This vehicle is in our showroom in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, conveniently located just 1-hour west of Philadelphia on the I-76 Pennsylvania Turnpike. The website is www.classicautomall.com and our phone number is (888) 227-0914. Please contact us anytime for more information or to come see the vehicle in person.