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1956 Oldsmobile Holiday

1956 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Hardtop

The mid-1950s were an amazing time for General Motors. Each of the corporation's brands had a distinct identity, and business was absolutely booming. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the tri-fives, collectors tend to overlook the equally impressive Oldsmobile's of the era. From conservative luxury, to innovative pioneer, to performance stalwart, Old's has served many different niches.

This near perfect 56 Holiday Sedan 4-door manages to wrap many charms in one classy package. Benefitting from excellent maintenance and solid restoration, the car possesses everything great about '50s American luxury. A test drive reveals an extremely smooth cruiser, with factory air that chilled the interior during one of this summer's hottest days. The ride was so enjoyable, it was all I and my passenger could do to return to Classic Auto Mall and not continue to head down to the Jersey Shore, just for a cruise.

Silver Mist Poly and Polaris White mix to cover mile long panels that are straight and true, with even gaps all around. Brightwork is aplenty and all straight and matching from panel to panel, and in near perfect condition. 88 Badging with the jet rocket is beautifully styled, as is the jet hood ornament that is leaving perfectly crimped metal trails back to the windshield. A gaping smile front clip is perfectly polished and contains Oldsmobile script that drips with 50's styling. In the rear red “Dagmar” style taillights protrude over small porthole shaped reverse lights. A chrome bumper below finishes the framing of this beautiful trunk. A tri T chrome framed planet, contains Sputnik style gold stars in a Polar White field and are attached in front and in back.

The 2-tone theme continues inside, where a luxurious cloth and vinyl interior serves as a solid reminder that '50s GM was arguably the best GM. At the front of the cockpit, a wrapped and painted dash founds factory telemetry between a globe-themed steering wheel, a Deluxe Oldsmobile radio and GM Autronic Eye headlight control. Also seated firmly in the driver's corner of the dash is a Fresnel lens style traffic light prism. An oval working electric clock is seen ticking away in front of the passenger. In front of that dash, plush bench seats feature 6-way power adjustment for the car's driver and front passenger. Beneath those seats, upscale carpet floats thick, Oldsmobile-themed floor mats. At the sides of that rug, ornate door panels anchor elegant handles in front of factory power windows. Below the dash is the factory air, which lever labeling states “refrigeration”. This is exactly what you get! Above those panels, polished roof bows stretch a color-keyed headliner between a small vanity mirror, functional dome lamps, a dual-mode driver's mirror and a factory deck speaker. And, beneath that speaker, a large trunk seats a correct jack and full-size spare tire on a fresh, factory mat.

Toss the hood and you'll find a correct, 324 cubic inch Rocket V8 that's rebuilt, reliable and ready to roll. Old's was an early participant in the horsepower wars, and this engine is a great example of exactly what they were capable of. Thanks to a valve-in-head with 8.5 to 1 compression, the burly mill achieved 202 horsepower and 332 lb./ft. of tire-turning torque. Naturally, that performance is both exhilarating and attractive, as the block wears a cool coat of period-correct green under “OLDSMOBILE ROCKET” branded valve covers. At the top of those covers, a black dual-scoop air cleaner swirls wind in to a 4-pot Rochester carburetor, kicking off a stampede of mechanical horses. It is noted that in the test drive there was some hesitation in acceleration, signaling a carburetor adjustment may be necessary. Meanwhile, these horses are fed by an old school points distributor, which charges traditional Radio GM TVRS cables. Spent gases gallop through new stainless-steel tubing which sing through a large stainless-steel muffler and tailpipe. A tagged Delco-Remy generator and factory power steering are driven by pliable V-belts. And even cooling remains an OEM effort thanks to a factory-style radiator and fresh hoses. Stainless steel brake lines, as well as all details attended to are seen underneath.

This pristine example gives Mid 1950's design a good name. Designers were at the top of their game, when they sketched the exterior lines, and interior shapes with this luxury car. There are many really nice cars here at Classic Auto Mall, but in my opinion this one takes the cake, or should I say cream puff!

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