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1953 MG TD

1953 MG TD

The common belief is that the name "M.G." stands for "Morris Garages". Whether or not this is true has been the subject of much debate over the years. While it is much easier to simply accept the most visually obvious answer to the issue, there is substantial evidence that it is not true. The other side of the argument states that M.G. stands for itself and is not an abbreviation, but rather a name in itself. Evidence for this argument is on the vehicle maker's plate which always state the full name of the company who built it. On every M.G. made, it states "The M.G. Car Company", never "The Morris Garages Car Company". Even looking back to the earliest days of M.G., one cannot find Morris Garages listed on any company letterhead or even in the very first M.G. Magazine of 1933.

The last year for this body style and chassis, M.G. finally got out right. A good handling, fender and running board design, tall front grille and large open headlights, was the cosmetic part. As for the engine, 4 cylinders fire away inside an excellent restored engine, and compartment. The sound of this car can only be described as music to the British sports car enthusiast's ears.

British racing green in beautiful condition cover the exterior surfaces of this car. Pre-pony car, the long tall bonnet, vertical grille, radiator topper, and open headlights make up the front of the car, and a very short rear swoops toward the ground. The rear houses the 12-gallon fuel tank, and a spare tire. “Suicide” doors allow entry into the passenger compartment and are adorned with near perfect chromed handles and latches. Front and rear fenders are held together by a running board and frame vented steel 15” wheels...gone are the tall wire wheels of previous models. Chrome bumpers, windshield surround, and radiator trim are in good shiny condition.

Yellow creme interior leather bucket seats with a bench back stretch the width of the cockpit. The handbrake nests between the two seats. A double swooping dash covered in leather houses the glovebox, ignition, choke starter, and various warning lights. Behind the large banjo steering wheel, are beautiful mint green speedometer, and a tachometer with an inset clock. These emit a soothing green glow at night. Black carpeting covers the floor and the rear baggage compartment and is in very nice condition. The frame for the convertible top is present, however no canvas is over this frame. HOWEVER, there is a brand new top, still in its shipping box, as well as the windshield wiper motor.

A 4-cylinder engine with dual SU Carburetors and an oil bath are cleaner is seen inside a pristine engine compartment. A n 8” clutch with a 4 speed manual transmission shifts like a dream. A view of the underside of this car reveals a really nice restoration, with all looking virtually new, with no rust. 4-wheel drum brakes are present, and all in working condition.

This classic car is in beautiful restored condition, save for the convertible top which is new in a box that goes with this car. It drives and sounds beautifully, starts easily, and once warmed up is a really fun driver. With lack of side windows this is not a car you would take out when you are forced to wear your wellies, and it would not be all that fun anyway!

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