1966 Ford

Galaxie Convertible

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Engine Size
390 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible

Reading the 1966 Ford sales brochure it states that “quiet speaks for quality.” Smooth, soft, gently controlled, marvelously quiet. A new feature for 1966 is the “automatic speed control” or commonly known today as cruise control. The Galaxie was a sleeper because it needed a big engine to move the car due to its size and weight. But, the engine was large enough not only to move the car smoothly but was really fast. Looks like a family car, performs like a muscle car, although the term had not been invented in 1966...but they were working on it.

This 1 owner 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible has been in very good hands through its years. Original Paint, engine, and interior are just a few of the features that came with the original car and are still there and working and showing proudly. A few dents and dings that come with use, a few trim pieces not perfect, but original and after all it is a used car… 81,336 miles used.

The laminated window sticker, as well as the one mounted curiously in the trunk lid, states this car is Springtime Yellow. In good condition, it is showing some rub through in minor spots, but maintains its original luster. Chrome bumpers, trim and badging show slight pitting, but are mainly shiny and attractive. An easy action top clamping system is released, and the durable 5 ply black vinyl top is electrically hidden in mere seconds, without getting out of the driver's seat. The top is in excellent condition, and it is not known if it is a replacement, or original to the vehicle. Stock Ford steel hubcaps play front man for 225/75 R15 tires with a thin whitewall highlight.

Black with thin white horizontal stripe bolstered vinyl, and a center black vinyl accent trim, cover the front bucket, and rear bench seats. The same material can be seen on the door panels, and the iconic Chevy chrome paddle door actuator on the head end of the door armrests is present. Instrumentation covered with pristine glass shows all gauges in working and clear condition. An AM radio with push button actuation for the favorites is in the center of the metal dash. Black pile carpeting covers the floors, as well as Ford carpet floor mats. A tinted windshield option, and a courtesy lighting group shown on sticker are present, as well as the automatic convertible top lever, and cruise o Matic.

A 390CI, 275HP V8 overhead valve power plant topped by a 2-barrel carburetor, and stock exhaust is connected to a 3-speed automatic transmission. Drum brakes are seen on all 4 wheels and are power assisted as is the steering mechanism. An a-arm Independent Front Suspension, and Coil spring rear suspension, provide that Ford ride that can only be described as “there aren't enough o'hs in smooth.”

This car includes the sales brochures, laminated window sticker, and some extra pictures taken previously.

1966 Galaxie named after the group of stars and gas Carl Sagan says there are billions of and reflecting our fascination with the space push at the time, is the name of this beautiful mostly original Ford. Well-kept and cared for, it has survived to be a nice convertible example that is a “driver” but shows nicely too. Great because you can put the top down, turn up WFIL on the AM radio, and cruise down the road without a care in the world, all the while wondering how the other half lives!

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