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1941 Studebaker

Commander Sedan


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1941 Studebaker Commander Sedan

1941 Studebaker Commander Sedan

A car company started by a band of German brothers, was known from the very beginning, and throughout its history, for innovative design, and use of technology. In fact the first “horseless carriage” produced by the Studebaker Brothers, was electric. Throughout the history of the company, management fought to compete with the big three, but proved to be a very difficult, uphill battle, due to sheer volume differences.

This Loewy designed “slipstream” automobile is all about looking like its moving when standing still, gas saving and clean lines, peppered with Art Deco styling. In restored condition, certain liberties were taken pertaining to the interior, and are definitely upgrades from the original. A very nice example of a 1941 post market crash, fair priced automobile, that would see Studebaker's largest output since the early 1920's

Overall black with chrome bordered “belt trim” filled in with red goes along each side, sand adds to the concept of motion while standing still. Two die-cast grilles with vertical vanes sit low in the front fenders, and a large double-bar bumper gave ample protection from minor collisions. A chrome-plated ornament with a wispy “S” on an oxblood-red field graces the leading edge of the hood. Another die-cast ornament measuring 19 inches long is centered on the decklid. The stylized taillights present long and narrow and they are fitted in the body rather than in the fenders, as in previous years. This arrangement has the advantage of providing for a lighted luggage compartment.

The interior features a two-tone deluxe steering wheel, leather panels around the front-door window controls, a two-tone instrument panel, bolster-type pleated upholstery, and carpets front and rear. Rich broadcloth upholstery in blue-gray is seen throughout the passenger compartment. Art Deco styling is very present here in particular within the dash area with the instrumentation. Front and rear door thresholds have been replaced with machined swirl pattern aluminum strips, which add a beautiful accent to the interior.

This Commander is powered by a six-cylinder L-head engine, which traced its heritage back to the 1932 Rockne 65. In 1941, displacement was up to 226 cubic inches and horsepower to 94. This power plant was one of the most efficient engines then being produced, winning its class each year from 1936 through 1941 in the Gil¬more economy run. The car's suspension features a single 48-inch-long transverse leaf spring 2.5 inches wide, packed in grease, and wrapped. The spring was securely bolted to the center of the front cross member and at each end to the lower kingpin yokes. Houdaille lever-type shocks were used front and rear. An added rear sway bar helps in the handling department. Another mechanical "first" for Studebaker was the automatic hill holder, which was standard equipment on Commanders. This unique device permitted the driver to park on an incline and remove his foot from the brake without concern for roll-back when the clutch was engaged. This wonderful driving Studebaker has overdrive, which allows it to maintain turnpike speeds! The radial tires also help make it more drivable.

If you are looking for an iconic Studebaker, this car deserves some of your time. A good restoration on a beautifully styled automobile from the early 1940's. Instantly starts up and has a smooth-running engine, wonderful ride, and fuel efficient, a very nice example indeed is offered. Take this car to the drive in, and catch Citizen Kane, or just give a listen to Chattanooga Choo Choo on the radio.

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