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3 Speed Automatic

1932 Ford Roadster

The term “hot rod” refers to the early days when a person would take a typical car, modify it by removing fenders, hoods, and various parts of the body and in doing so reduce weight. Also engine modifications were typical with tuning options and replacing engine parts to increase horsepower, as well as the entire engine, were typical of the movement. The goal was to increase straight line speed, which was tested originally on dry lake beds in the northern Los Angeles, California area.

While an original shaped steel body retains the 1932 Ford Model B look and style, everything else about this build is based on performance and customization on an off the chart scale. Custom front fenders, bobbed rear fenders, a custom convertible top, tricked out front suspension that shows like jewelry, an engine that belongs in a race car and exterior paint that is as flawless as it is candy to the eye. This build is a must see in person and a must hear to fall in love!

A Brookville body, custom De Stefano wire wrapped inside rolled front fender, and bobbed rear fenders are sprayed with gorgeous purple paint. White to red hot flames emanating from the engine compartment burn past the tub doors and envelop the front of the passenger compartment. Pin striped flourishes add highlighting to the purple sea and accent various curves of the body. A removable hood with scoop (not shown in photos) is also included in this consignment. Black canvas in perfection creates the top of this hot rod and can be manually disassembled and put into trunk.... to reveal nuthin but blue sky. Chrome, chrome, chrome make up the remainder of the exterior, and the exposed suspension can best be described as rolling jewelry.

Tan vertically ribbed stitched leather covers a bench seat and the door panels. Simply elegant would describe the dash, with necessary chrome ringed gauges mounted in a field of metallic purple. An adjustable steering column draped also in metallic purple, turns to chrome at the end of the column and 3 chrome spines emanate from a center chrome circle and are topped with a leather covered wood steering wheel. A floor shifter in chrome, handbrake in chrome and pedals in chrome sit gleaming in a background of thick pile black carpet. A digital radio/CD player is seen mounted under the dash.

A V8 flathead that has undergone an Ardun OHV conversion is topped by Retro Tech Stromberg-esque looking throttle bodies, that are FAST and computer controlled. Inside domed pistons, a scat crank, Bullet cam, chromed Auston intake manifold and Jet hot coated headers are just a few of the upgrades to this rocket ship. TCI C-4 performance provides the 3-speed automatic transmission which connects a beefy driveshaft to a Winters quick change differential. Performance stainless exhaust and mufflers allow this monster to exhale efficiently and makes it sound like the world is coming to an end. Front brakes are vented disc and rear brakes are large drums.

At Classic Auto Mall there are several examples of “hot rods” and this example is certainly at or near the top of the list when it comes to build and performance. Beautiful body draped in purple with flame motif and chrome accents are really the look of a speedster. Creature comfort included with leather interior, digital stereo and high performance automatic transmission. Whether you are cruising the block, or attending a show, this built from scratch creation will be a conversation piece.

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