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1963 Chevrolet

Corvair Monza Convertible


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Body Color
Engine Size
145ci Flat 6
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Convertible

1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Convertible

Until the 1950s, most American auto manufacturers made one size of car: large. Imports from Europe such as Volkswagen, Renault, and Fiat showed that there was a market in the U.S. for smaller cars, mostly as a second car or an alternative for the budget-minded. Led by General Manager Edward N. Cole, Chevrolet designed a revolutionary new car. It was powered by an air-cooled horizontal six-cylinder engine made almost entirely out of aluminum. The engine was mounted in the rear of the car, driving the rear wheels through a compact automatic transaxle. Suspension was independent at all four wheels. There was no conventional frame; it was the first unibody built by Fisher Body and the styling was unconventional for Detroit, subtle and elegant, with no tail fins or chrome grille.

This Monza Corvair has a higher performance engine, which means it is a mid-performance model. The overall car is showing in very good condition, mechanically sound, and true to the 1963 model. A repainted exterior in white from a few years ago is in good condition, no rust or denting. This is a highly optioned model, and it's a convertible with a new top. I'm in rear engine heaven. Peabody set the way back machine for 1963 'n let's go.

White covers the metal and overall exterior of the car and presents in very good condition. Fit and finish is good, body is straight, and all is in working order. Chrome is in great condition. A new white canvas convertible top is power up and down and works smoothly. Seen is a wide stainless trimming on the rocker and dual headlights. Round taillights are bringing up the rear and these have backup lights optioned on, and are right behind the engine. There is another nice bumper below. 13-inch wire wheel covers are on with knock off style hubs with dish centers and P175/80R13 tires, which is an add on option for the year. Corvair badging is original and correct. Nice exterior. Screw Ralph Nader I'm hopping in.

A swing of the sporty doors and we are greeted with a red painted metal surround for the door sills, then this then changes to a horizontal brick embossed center panel. Here the armrest in red vinyl with a chrome trimming and chromed knobs and actuator lever are housed. Below is another panel delineated by a thin chrome trimming and this panel sports thin horizontal ribs. Very midcentury modern if I must say so myself. Slipping inside I rest my buttocks on wide buckets that practically take up the whole front row. These are nicely padded and have turks and roll inserts and smooth bolsters all in wonderful RED! More brick pattern for the seat tops and throw in a few horizontal chromed buttons to keep things interesting. In back a nice bench and plenty of romper room for that 3rd date. Up front a large deluxe optioned red rimmed steering wheel with a half horn ring and badged center fronts the original perfectly preserved dash. This has a red dual eyebrow shaped cowl design for the top and nice use of aluminum for the dash front panels, which include the instrument cluster and glove box covering. Some of the controls and options include the padded dash top, tinted windows seat belts, two speed wipers and a windshield washer. The centrally mounted factory radio is also in an aluminum panel and is a super deluxe radio. The rear-view mirror is a tilt inside glare style new for this year. There is also a glove box light and a courtesy light, and a centrally located and dash top mounted clock. Awesome conveniences and add ons, rarely seen on an early version of the Corvair. Red carpeting is flooding the floor and normally I'd object, but even the plastic clear floor mats are classic and go with this car like a duck to water. LUV It!

With this very nice example, (one of the BEST I've seen here at my tenure at Classic Auto Mall and that's sayin something as I'm the 4th longest running employee!), anyway I digress, and within the pristine white painted engine bay is the 145ci horizontally opposed 6-cylinder. It is fed by dual 1-barrel carburetors and has a 2-speed Powerglide tranny on back. The rear axle is a 3.89 posi type. Just a beautifully restored/preserved engine bay and a pristine spare is residing there as well.

As i expected form this car, no rust, no leaks and all straight steel painted black. Definitely a ground effects type undercarriage, whether it's intentional or not it still looks great…look ma no driveshaft! Everything presents as showroom right down to the 4-wheel independent coil sprung suspension, and 4-wheel drum braking. A like new stock style exhaust is noted.

I love these cars, the problem is so many we have are such a mess, it's a disappointment. Although this one is an eye catcher and a welcome change. All working, with high end options, it ran like a champ, handled like it was on rails, and had bias free panic stopping. The top went up and down with plenty of power and did so very quickly. A great experience made me feel like it was 1963 all over again. Thx Peabody!

If you are in the market for a car that was truly groundbreaking for its time, then this beautiful bowtie version of the Corvair is the car for you. It's a sleeper and it's a Monza convertible, and it's a magnetic eye catcher in the wonderful condition it is in. Hurry in down to our hallowed halls as this one is going to get snapped up as there is an aficionado waiting in the wings.

09-Corvair Monza 900
L-Van Nuys, CA Assy Plant
109790-Sequential Unit Number

12C-3rd Week December Build
ST 63 0967-1963 Corvair Monza 900 Convertible
BDY VN478-Van Nuys Body #
TR 1 781-White Top, Red Vinyl Buckets
PNT 938-Adobe Beige
E-Tinted Glass All
2C-Padded Dash
D-Power Top
3P-Comfort & Convenience Group