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2004 Mercedes-Benz

E500 Sport Wagon


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Body Color
Engine Size
5.0 Liter V8
Transmission Type
5 Speed Automatic

2004 Mercedes-Benz E500 Sport Wagon

2004 Mercedes-Benz E500 Sport Wagon

If your mental image of a station wagon is an aircraft carrier-sized vehicle within which a 5-year-old may lick a chocolate ice cream cone on a hot July day with impunity as he and all his noisy, sandy friends are being ferried back from the beach, wet towels and all, then the answer is probably no. However, if your concept of a station wagon is one that achieves a near-perfect balance between engineering and ability, style and function, status and practicality, speed and comfort, then the E500 may very well be perfect.

For consignment, the ultimate performance luxury wagon with style and speed as well as a tasteful well-built aura, we give you the 2004 E500 Sport Wagon from Mercedes Benz. With a mere 35,808 miles clocked, it has just gotten past the break in stage. To quote a long lost dear friend who adored these cars and drove an 04 Sport Wagon, “you show up in one of these and people know you know.” This black low mileage beauty with its aero design sculpted by the wind can cut through the crowd and the highway at 100 plus MPH and not even get out of breath. All the while carrying passengers and all their cargo to the final destination in uber safety. Are you in the know?

Heavy gauge steel bathed in code 040 factory Black, shines like a crazy diamond, or a Corum contemporary watch. Inward canted oval headlights and more oval running lights flank the small, chromed grille with the tri-pointed star atop the hood directly above. A black neoprene bumper has just a sliver of curved chromed accenting on the top edges which rounds the corner to the front quarters. Well minded gaps throughout, 4 doors which align nearly perfectly, and the aero rounded rear quarter make up the simple trim speared sides. A nicely raked windshield and roofline penned by a french curve slices through the air, and sports a roof rack on top which is ubiquitous to a wagon correct? Also, a sunroof is up here too. In back, smoothed in tail lights, round the quarters to the rear gate and even encroach into the gate, which has a rounded rear glass, with the complete door and glass lifting upward for easy access. 17-inch alloy wheels are all around and add some light to the dark black shiny paint. I know!

Beautifully preserved leather seats are throughout the passenger compartment. Up front 2 buckets with oval headrests reside next to a center console. This is also in black and has burl veneer aplenty. In back a panoramic view of the interior and you'll note a band of burl encircling the entire interior, through the doors a band through the dash and even to the back doors where it dies in the first third of the door. Here padded black leather takes over and the oval black window toggle sits within the ergonomically designed armrest. Not to be outdone, front door panels have just a bit more burl and the leather inserts. These also have power seat adjustments. Behind the buckets is a comfy bucket and bench rear seat with plenty of room for 3 more, or fold down the armrest and 3 can get very comfy indeed. The band of burl performance is on the dash front, particularly in the center riser where we see a navi head unit that also supports the stereo and a single CD player and a Bluetooth phone hook up, all negotiated through this central screen. Push button temp fan controls and temp dials reside above this screen, and below is an ash receptacle and lighter station. A black eyebrow style dash houses the instruments which are simple but effective in their circular design. The steering wheel is peppered with plenty of buttons for hands on controls. Gray carpeting covers the floors and it's easily accessible to wiggle your toes within its thick pile. In back a rubber protective mat makes the cargo compartment bullet proof. The floor lifts to reveal extra storage and below that the spare tire.

Under the hood is a fully covered engine which is a 5.0 liter V8 that is EFI and a 5-speed automatic is on back The final drive weighs in at 2.56 and is made for high speed cruising. Germans love plastic coverings…everywhere and this example is no exception! It does not matter though as if you have the means to afford a car as such, you will probably not be wrenching in it anyway, so leave the plastic covers alone! Step AWAY…

Underneath a very clean well cared for environment, with nary even road dirt accumulated. Black steel floor pans and rockers abound and are all rust and dirt free! More plastic ground effects coverings are here and remember it is a sport wagon, so we will take all the aero slipstream as we can get. Independent suspension is all around as is power disc braking. A like new exhaust snakes its way rearward breaking off the center to either side for a rear exit.

Even new OEM floor mats reside in the back and all else was looking and performing great during my test drive. Plenty of performance from the 5.0 liters and EFI. The transmission shifted smoothly, and it had a wonderful high speed cruising altitude. All functions were working as they should. It's nice to reside within supple finely aged leather.

A sport wagon for the couple or family who cares about quality, this one has low miles and was obviously cared for meticulously. Safety is also there, and the paint is just near perfect as is the entire leather and burl banded interior. Live the Griswold experience, more like the Royals going to the county house for the weekend and they are in a hurry to get away. That's it. Danke!

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