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1970 Chevrolet

Nova Sedan


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Body Color
Engine Size
307 V8
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1970 Chevrolet Nova Sedan

1970 Chevrolet Nova Sedan

The Chevy Nova was a compact competitor in the legendary American pony wars. While the 1960's and 1970's witnessed a fight between American automotive manufacturers to produce the fastest and most powerful muscle cars, the Chevy Nova was just right when it came to size, speed, and affordability. But it didn't start out as the Chevy Nova…not quite, anyway. Eager to produce a budget-friendly compact muscle car, Chevy introduced the Chevy II. As a model name, Nova was relegated to runner-up name because it didn't start with C. However, Nova was chosen as the name for the higher-end, sportier trim option, and did eventually replace Chevy II as the car's official name in 1969.

Minimalistic with maximum function, thrift, not revolutionary in concept or execution, a compact grocery getter, pick the kids up kinda car, here in our hallowed halls. It is so pedestrian you would walk by it and never notice it. However, this does not detract from its charm and important place in Chevrolet history fulfilling a need for the masses. Enjoy the 1970 Chevy Nova sedan! This example has been well cared for sitting in a heated garage for the last 35 years and taken out every now and then to stretch its legs. A clean, green (actually turquoise) 4-door grocery getter machine for your taking.

This impressive looking stock configuration car has the benefit of years of TLC, and it looks it. This leaves us with a real beauty of a car with excellent chrome and trimmings, laser straight steel, well minded gaps, and dual white wall tires with hubcaps right from the factory. All steel is bathed in Misty Turquoise and looking at it brings a tear to my eye. It's that nice! It is hard to find a fault in the paint, let alone any rust, although on the rear wheel well is a slight bit from an earlier mishap which was very minor indeed. A long look at this fine job, and you will begin to see the inherent quality of long term caring, which was painstakingly and lovingly executed. All surfaces are finished to show quality condition.

If we swing open any of the 4 doors, we see smooth, slightly smudged and aged gracefully ivory colored vinyl adorning the door panels along with some shiny perfect trimmings and a Nova badge in the middle of a strip of wood appliqué. Inside a wonderful ivory vinyl in smooth form covers the split back bench in front. The back seat is not outdone by the front and is in the same pattern and style only in solid nicely curved back bench form and it appears as though it's never been sat in! Pristine brown carpeting keeps all the seats afloat and on the hump is an aftermarket Kleenex dispenser for when the kids have a cold they won't wipe their noses on their jacket sleeves! More originality in very clean condition for the dash which uses a raked in angle for its design and its very clean on the instrument portion. The original ivory steering wheel is now wrapped in black leather for the rim steering wheel is fronting the dash and is also very clean and like new. The AM radio is factory fresh and even the pedals show no wear! A tight off-white headliner in vinyl is above all this nicety and originality.

In the engine bay we see GM orange red intermixed with shiny black and no corrosion. This engine in 307ci V8 configuration, has a 2-barrel carburetor on top, and is painted a beautiful GM red/orange on the valve coverings as well. Like new hoses and bolt ons are throughout and all new wiring is noted. On the back is a Powerglide 2-speed automatic transmission from 1970. A 10-bolt rear axle completes the all buttoned up and looking snazzy drivetrain.

Some slight surface rust is peppering a few parts, but mostly clean slight patina black undercoating for the floor pans, toe kicks and rockers. Independent coil sprung front suspension and rear leaf springs provide the ride for the soccer drop-off. Drum braking is on all 4's.

Of course it fired right up, after a short warmup it was off to the grocery store. I threw a few of our interns in just to get the feel of suburbia and its trappings, although this was a mistake because they all wanted to stop for food on the way…sheesh! On the way though this car performed flawlessly. Not a muscle car, but a fine running, shifting and braking example of the sedan. All in working condition, and that's the last time I take the kids. A note the tires are ANCIENT and dry rotted so they need to be replaced ASAP.

There are Nova's, then there is THIS Nova which is a real looker that has been expertly cared for to the nines and is a true shower that you can drive to work every day. Everything is beautiful! And not a typical muscle car but a piece of suburbia steel, which had its place in automotive history.

14-Nova V8
69-4 Door Sedan
W-Willow Run, MI Assy Plant
324003-Sequential Unit Number

ST 70 11469-1970 Nova 4 Door Sedan
BDY WRN298002-Willow Run Body #
TR 747-Medium Sandalwood Custom Vinyl Bench
PNT 34-Misty Turquoise
04D-4th Week April Build

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