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1972 MG



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Body Color
Engine Size
1275cc Inline 4 Cylinder
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1972 MG Midget

1972 MG Midget

The common belief is that the name "M.G." stands for "Morris Garages". Whether or not this is true has been the subject of much debate over the years. While it is much easier to simply accept the most visually obvious answer to the issue, there is substantial evidence that it is not true. The other side of the argument states that M.G. stands for itself and is not an abbreviation, but rather a name in itself. Evidence for this argument is on the vehicle maker's plate which always states the full name of the company who built it. On every M.G. made, it states "The M.G. Car Company", never "The Morris Garages Car Company". Even looking back to the earliest days of M.G., one cannot find Morris Garages listed on any company letterhead or even in the very first M.G. Magazine of 1933.

If you have an affinity for British sports cars, and love tooling around the countryside with top down, buzzing through corners, flipping through gears, and pushing the limits of a car's suspension around curves, then this may be the consignment for you. We present a 1972 MG Midget, no rust, rebuilt engine and transmission car all wrapped up in a slightly bluer version of the British racing green. Oh, and don't bloody supersize me, keep it mini!

Nice straight steel panels with well minded gaps are bolted on to a miniature structure and adorned with shiny chrome for your enjoyment. A bit of blue has been added to the traditional British Racing Green and painted on to these panels giving a well-done aura to this car. Pre “Sabrina” rubber crash bumpers, this car has thin bumpers in chrome with neatly small vertical bump bars on both sides of the grille... very tasteful. Headlight bezels surround round front lights and lower horizontal yellow orange turn signal lights. A black egg crate front grille is near perfect with a centered octagonal MG badge. Sparse but effective trimmings for the side mirrors, window surrounds and door handles, otherwise the car is showing the nice paint. A black canvas convertible top, fully operational with a bit of manual help, shows mostly clear plastic windows. On the back is another “Sabrina “free rear bumper, and large vertical taillights on either corner. A slight dimpling and some scratches are seen on the boot lid, but paint is overall very nice. Sporty aluminum slots are on all 4 corners.

Lowering the top and we see low back rounded bomber styled buckets in very nicely preserved black vinyl. It has nice and tight coverings with no cracks or tears. These float in a sea of black carpet with a central hump shift lever, and a small storage area behind the seats. The iconic MG dash top, padded and crack free fronts the seats and instrument cluster offers up plenty of Smiths gauges and toggles with warning lights to keep you busy. The original steering wheel is jutting out from the dash and is in good condition, as are the original door panels also in black vinyl. A shout out to the trunk which has been re-felted and presents like new!

A flip of the bonnet and a fully restored engine bay greets us, and is looking cracking, (not literally but you get the drift). Nice detailing throughout with shiny black air filter carb covers, and more of the exterior paint and polished aluminum throughout. She's a BMC Austin A-series 1275cc 4-cylinder popper, is fed by dual HS2 SU carburetors and features overhead valves. On the back is a 4-speed manual transmission.

Underneath we note some surface rust, and a few areas of repair where invasive rust was there at one time. This is seen on the leaf spring mountings towards the front of the car, and on the floor pans. There is no rust now and it appears structurally sound. Front disc brakes are on, and the exhaust piping may need a look due to some rust through.

This car started with ease, and rolled effortlessly over to the Classic Auto Mall test track. Here it performed very nicely with some power coming from the engine and those dual SU's. Good acceleration, smooth shifting, and very snappy handling, with straight bias free panic braking. An overall good experience especially with the top down. All the electrics have been redone and all are in working condition.

A fun car restored to a nice quality and state as it presents now. Good interior, and very nice engine bay looking very smart. Blue tinting in the British Racing Green making for a unique color, and shiny chrome trimmings throughout. No rust on the exterior, and it's a convertible. This mini definitely provides maximum enjoyment.

A-BMC A Series
N-2 Seat Roadster
112769-Sequential Unit Number

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