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1987 Porsche

928 S4


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Engine Size
5.0 Liter V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic

1987 Porsche 928 S4

1987 Porsche 928 S4

The second generation Porsche Panamera which is thought to be the spiritual successor to the Porsche 928, celebrated its 42th anniversary. The 928 is a unique car that was in many ways significantly ahead of its time. Even today, it invokes many oohs and aaahs when one rolls through town. And for many, it served as a poster child for many people's dream car, particularly for those who grew up in the 1980s.

Gracing our hallowed halls here at Classic Auto Mall is this 80's dream car, the Porsche 928 from 1987. This S4 version, (automatic transmission), is a high-speed grand touring cruiser that has the capability to reach the 200mph mark. It has inserted an Authority performance chip, KONI shocks, and Eibach progressive rate springs, which helps keep the rubber on the road.

Stunning quintessential German silver paint drapes the straight rust-free steel and aluminum rounded panels for this sports car. Flipping over rounded headlights which are fascinating to watch, come to life with the flick of the switch, and appear to be floating on top when open. Low low drag coefficient had this model car pegged at the fastest normally aspirated car clocking in at over 171mph in 1986. The floor pans, roof, and rear quarters are galvanized steel, and totally rust resistant. Integrated bumpers all around, all body matching and rounded inset taillights complete the aero package. A sunroof and rear spoiler in contrasting black are seen at the back of the rear greenhouse glass. Slotted 16-inch flat fronted wheel covers help with the drag as well. A front engine car that says SCHNELL! loudly.

Black and original and tear free as well as fairly clean is the description for this interior. High backed infinitely power adjustable black leather buckets with a high sleek back reminiscent of the 911's are up front and a 2 plus 2 setup is in back sporting a center storage console and armrest. This houses the power window and sunroof toggles and the shift lever with a black leather boot. Way back is a storage area accessible from the rear lift gate. The dash contains all the essentials, and the central console maintains enough buttons to satisfy even the most discriminating 747 pilot. Black carpet floods the floors and is looking nice and clean. A sunroof is noted in the smooth black vinyl headliner.

A 5.0 liter V8 fed by electronic fuel injection gives this light 50/50 weight distribution car the green light. The engine has a consigner stated Authority performance chip installed for that extra oomph-pah! The 4-speed automatic, (hence the S4), gearbox is on back for that weight distribution, along with the famed Weissach axle. Its purpose is to increase the amount of cornering grip and stability by eliminating the toe-out tendency caused by mid-corner throttle lifts. This translates into incredible mid-corner composure and grip and with that 50/50 weight distribution, make it not just fast in a straight line but in the corners as well. The Weissach axle is one of the earliest passive rear-wheel steering setups and a precursor to active rear-wheel and even four-wheel steering systems.

Rust free, leak free, and looking garaged and covered in a nice patina that comes with maturity on any car. Just fine and structurally sound underneath. Plenty of ground effects panels the German engineers were famous for, and front and rear wheel disc brakes extra large for plenty of woah! when you need it. KONI shocks and Eibach progressive rate springs are also installed.

Slipping inside this car fired right up, and off we went to the test track. Here it handled very nicely, had tight steering, and straight bias free panic stopping. This car will keep you on the edge of your seat due to its perfect balance… well more like your butt at the back of the seat! “Porsche, there is no substitute!” I noticed the voltmeter reads low, (10 volts), when the AC and headlights are on at the same time.

This S4 GT cruiser with the auto transmission is a 200mph car. Where exactly around here you'd pull this off is a mystery to me, but when you figure it out, I'd like to go along. A rounded smoother over aero look, and a star of the 1980's in which the well-heeled women would shuttle their kids to the Academy.

W-West Germany
0-Sports Car
B-5.0L V8
0-Manual Belts
9-Up To MY 2009
7-Check Digit
S-Stuttgart, Germany Assy Plant
861579-Sequential Unit Number

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