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1976 Cadillac

Eldorado Convertible


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Engine Size
500ci V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

One Cadillac model came equipped with whiskey glasses—in true Cadillac luxury fashion. The 1957 Eldorado Brougham represented the American Lifestyle. It came with memory power seats, automatic locks, low profile tires, aluminum wheels, a makeup kit, and a set of magnetic whiskey glasses. It should be expected then considering the Cadillac cost double what normal cars did back then. It was the perk that came with the price, but more importantly, it was the lifestyle that was the biggest sell. The same sentiment would continue through other subsequent models, but the whiskey glasses will no longer be available.

For consignment a Caddy Eldorado, but sans whiskey glasses! Although all the luxury you would expect and technology you could have in 1976. This car presents in good condition, and has been well kept, and maintained, with an earlier respray in the 1980's. Otherwise, it's unrestored and awaiting to pamper you with all the luxury 1976 could offer up.

A red respray covers the massive panels on this long and wide car. Large and in charge your arrival is noted upfront with a massive bumper which forms an outward V and is topped by an egg crate style matching V grille, in chrome, this is flanked by dual rectangular, (a motif iconic of the mid 70's early 80's), headlights, and vertical parking lighting, all framed in chrome surrounding trim. Turn signals are buried within the lower bumper as well as a bit of the grille which extends below the bumper. The massive hood works its way back to the passenger compartment which is covered with a white canvas convertible top with a glass rear window with defogger wiring inside of it. This shows slight dirt but is not torn or ripped. The rear deck and its cargo area is in good condition. On back are more vertical style taillights with smell horizontal lighting at the bottom of the trunk lid for added safety. Chrome is all excellent and standard Cadillac wheels with slightly faded covers are seen on all 4 corners, and wrapped in thin whitewall tires.

A swing of the ultra-wide door reveals faux carved panels in wood, multiple controls, (power windows, mirrors, and locks), embedded in a stainless panel above the interior door handle. Red accenting in vinyl and a lower faded red to orange carpet strop trims off the bottoms. Feast your eyes on the recliner like split 50/50 buckets, in red leather, with tufts and padding fit for a king. These charts show some drying out of the leather with cracking and some wear but in what I would call good condition. The seats are power adjustable, and are fronted by an original dash, with all the controls within the driver's easy reach. Note no hump, because of the very forward mounted engine and transverse mounted transmission. Miles of red carpeting cover the floor and a pristine rear bench is in back. Simply…elegant.

A big 500ci V8 which produces 190hp along with the 4-barrel carburetor feeding it. The 3-speed automatic, a TH425 to avoid a hump, which shifts very smoothly provides enough power to have you rolling comfortably down the highway. This is all very nicely detailed and shiny, with supple hoses and wires and nearly no surface rust or corrosion.

With rustproofing sprayed on in multiple coats it's hard to know what's underneath, but assuming it was as cared for as the upper panels, it would be in good condition. Power discs are seen on all 4 corners. Some slight areas of surface rust are noted near the rockers and in back of the car.

There is nothing like being surrounded with leather and the fact its red is even better. This baby fired right up, and on the test track afforded all the luxury 1976 could muster up. It's a sound car, with only 1 frown for the drive, in that the A/C blows warm.

A large and in charge example of the mid 1970's idea of luxury. Damn the torpedoes when it comes to any gas crisis, because we will take a 500ci engine, and bolt massive steel panels around it, and pepper it with luxury and conveniences, and you can be on your way. ..to the top…down! Only in Cadillac style.

67-2 Door Convertible
S-500ci V8 4bbl 190hp
Q-Detroit, MI Assy Plant
157510-Sequential Unit Number

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