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1935 Ford

Model Y


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Engine Size
56.9ci L Head 4 Cylinder
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual

1935 Ford Model Y

1935 Ford Model Y

E.T. Gregorie was tasked to draw a replacement for the British version of the Model A, which shouldered a huge cost penalty due to the Royal Automobile Club's fiscal-horsepower tax formula. The Model Y's delightfully raked Gregorie lines would be scaled up and transferred virtually intact to the larger U.S. Ford line. Rarely seen on American soil, this Ford sponsored, and British built pocket-sized Model Y may grab you because of its rarity, or because it's a project for the restorer who is looking for a challenge.

For consignment a scaled down Model A for the British market, and in the throes of a restoration. Some has been completed, including the engine rebuild, blasted wheels and new tires, a strengthening of the frame and new running boards. The exterior and interior will need some TLC but when finished you will have a rare Ford collectible. Quite!

Born in Essex England, and registered there, it eventually made its way across the pond in 1979, then sat in a basement for 34 years. It is now leading a partially restored life here in the USA. It has an optional sliding sunroof and is currently showing in half black and half brown on this all-steel Briggs body. Patches of paint rub off possibly due to previous repair attempts are peppering the car throughout. New running boards have been put on, and the wheels are fully restored and painted black with shiny hubs. These wheels are wire and wrapped in like new rubber with tubes. One can spot some of the pre body work done as these areas are a more satin black then the usual shiny black which is fairly beat up. A solid newer maple structure is within the top of this car, but there is no canvas to roll back and forth. On the back is a spare tire, and glass all around is looking in fair condition.

A swing of the suicide door and we can see some work to be done for this interior. Door panels are red leather, but in poor condition. 2 Oxblood leather bomber style buckets are in front, and since its a right hand driver, all controls are on the opposite side from the standard Model A. Upfront is a full metal dash painted black and in front of the large bakelite steering wheel is a small rectangular metal panel with a woven pattern. This houses original gauges which are an amp gauge, a speedometer and a fuel level gauge. I nside the framing for the sunroof is completed, as mentioned it needs the canvas roll attached. In the back are plenty of boxes of various and sundry parts and it is not known if one of those parts is a frame for the rear seat.

A lift of either cowl and we can see a fully restored engine bay. It looks virtually new with a 56.9ci L head 4 cylinder which has been bored .060 over. The head has been shaved and the block fully cleaned and checked for cracks. There is a new camshaft, timing chain, valve springs, valves, adjustable lifters and plus 0.060 pistons and rings, as well as NOS ring gear. This is fed by a side draft 1 barrel carburetor, and on the back is a 3-speed manual transmission with a rebuilt clutch. The rear axle is a 5.50 geared version. Our consignor states that approximately 300 miles have been clocked since this engine and clutch rebuild.

All cleaned up and partially repaired including the use of a license plate used as a filler. Some rust on the inner fenders but seemingly structurally sound. Floor pans are plywood then it turns back to metal at the back of the undercarriage. Transverse leaf springs are on all 4 corners, and mechanical drum brakes are also being used on all 4's.

A slight wafting of smoke comes out of the exhaust upon startup, but it then clears up. The car fired right up and ran like a champ, shifting smoothly, and steering was just a tad loose. Mechanical drums performed as expected.

Not often seen here in the good ol US of A, but this one made it, and nearly made it to the fully restored status, but alas it will still require some blood sweat and tears. Mechanically very sound cosmetically needs TLC on the exterior and interior.

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