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1958 Ford



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Engine Size
71.5ci 4 Cylinder
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual

1958 Ford Prefect

1958 Ford Prefect

In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy an alien from Betelgeuse visits the earth and calls himself "Ford Prefect" I get the impression that this is a joke which has been lost as the story has aged. Is there a double meaning for Ford Prefect which viewers/listeners/readers at the time would have found funny. The Ford Prefect was just about one of the most basic, scientific, least futuristic cars on the road at that time. They were cross sprung for economy, that meant just two leaf springs per car instead of the normal four, the wipers ran from a vacuum tank on the manifold which meant they slowed down or stopped the faster you went, (handy for overtaking), and the engines were side-valve, (not uncommon but certainly old). Despite all this they were lovable.

For consignment a piece of Brit classic in the form of a 1958 Ford Prefect. Looking decidedly Brit utilitarian, and not often seen or even heard of in the US, this car is gracing our halls here at Classic Auto Mall. Just a Prefect perfect situation to pick up something certainly no one else will have!

Take the box shape and put another box on top of it that is slightly smaller, round off the corners, add in some chrome, paint it black and you'll have the Ford Prefect. The definition of utilitarian and cute could also be included, this car has the late 1950's look and is all in excellent condition. No rust, nice chrome, good paint, and snappy British design through and through and all bathed in black. Straight steel abounds and creates this neato car, and it is adorned with some nice chrome trimmings including window surrounds, headlight bezels bumpers and a trim spear. Black steel wheels have a highlighting hub cap, and dual rear-view mirrors are attached to the front fenders. I say!

Popping open any of the 4 doors and we can feast our eyes on more simplicity, with lower panels in a coral vinyl and uppers in white. Some shiny handles can be seen along with a leather pull which hangs from the center. Black painted metal is the sills and bottoms completing the “frame”. Inside floating in a sea of rubber flooring in excellent clean condition front buckets complete with coral vinyl uppers and lowers, as well as bolsters, with some white panels on their fronts. The back bench carries through with the same pattern, and all sets are hermetically sealed with plastic coverings. A right hand driver, the dash is in black painted metal and sports a metal aluminum strip through its midsection. 2 round gauges adorn this dash in front of the original gray steering wheel, and in the very center is an orange warning light. The ignition, and various pulls and knobs are within the metal strip. A white vinyl textured headliner is above, and all is tip top for the interior mahte!

A forward tilt of the bonnet and we see a very well-preserved engine bay, along with a neat little 71.5ci 4 popper. It is fed petrol by a 1-barrel carburetor and has a 3-speed manual transmission on back. The rear axle has a 4.429 final drive. All buttoned up and ready for some back road kilometers and smiles while doing it.

I say 'ol chap, the underbelly is very well kept, with solid floor pans, rust free rockers, and recently resprayed body hangers. Independent coil springs are in front, and leaf springs for the rear. A vast improvement from the early models which used a single leaf spring for the front and back. Drum brakes and a single pipe exhaust are also noted.

A fun car which fires right up and has a neat feel when driving it. I felt like I was in a Mini Cooper, but this is different and in a good way. All was working just beautifully, and to make a note, a NOS radio will be included along with a car cover, brake parts, (hoses, shoes etc.), miscellaneous engine parts, wiper arms and the radio.

Certainly a fun car that screams top of the mornin to ya and you'll be guaranteed to be the only one on your block let alone the state that has one, with a smile on your face. Classic Brit right here kids!

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