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1954 Chevrolet

Bel Air


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Body Color
Engine Size
350 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air

The 1953-1954 Chevrolet Bel Air provides an excellent example of a popular practice in Detroit of the 1950s called reskinning -- making an old car look new without changing its basic structure by applying different outer panels. Nobody did this better at the time than General Motors, and the 1953-1954 Chevrolet Bel Air proved it. Singer Dinah Shore, Chevrolet spokesperson at the time remarked: “It's a glamorous new star," pausing, while the camera cut to a close up, then gushingly asked: "Isn't that about the prettiest thing you ever saw?"

Looking both modern and classy at the same time, this slick '54 hardtop is proof that Chevrolet's decision to take a curvaceous fuselage, and decorate it with an ample amount of chrome was an excellent idea. Unlike most exaggerated 50s designs this car's proportions are spot-on, there's appropriate use of trim, and the subtle rear fins that would eventually grow to controversial wings are fully integrated into attractive, sculpted arcs. No expense was spared, and it shows for this fully restored 1954 Bel Air, right down to the shiny Kleenex dispenser.

Paint number 563 translates to turquoise blue and white two tone, and it is here in its full glory. Very nice and high-quality paint job with very smooth paint and a glass like look. Chrome is all excellent and all over this car. A toothy grill, reminiscent of the 54 Corvette, presents very good, as does most brite work, and badging. An early “jet bird” hood ornament with its chrome trail divides the rounded hood. Flanking on either side topping off the front quarters, are 7-inch halogen projection headlights. As we move back, we can highlight the stainless-steel flappers on the windows, and all glass is in excellent condition. The rear quarters are a 1950's styling work of art, with their rounded and chromed trimmed protrusions, fender skirts and the white filled in trim spear that will eventually become larger and be the signature of the Bel Air line. On the back is another large bumper, big cloisonné badge and LED taillights. The roof line needs a shout out as it uses wrap around glass with a forward design B pillar, all bathed in white. Wheels are ribbed deep dog dish chrome with an airplane pointed propeller in its centers. A turquoise steel wheel shows through, and all this is wrapped in wide whites. Every detail on this machine is just beautiful.

Matching the exterior with two tone turquoise blue inserts with white bolsters the front and rear benches, (front split), create the feel of a 1950's drive in. Door panels carry the colors and patterns to either side and make their way up to a turquoise blue metal dash. Inserted in front of the steering wheel, there is an elongated chromed oval with a large circular speedometer to the drivers left, and then a cluster of new gauges peppering the remainder of the oval. Moving over to the passenger side, a large area of vertical chromed ribs form the fronting for the radio speaker, as well as the door for the glovebox. A white bar hangs below the dash, and contains the knobs for the lights, electric wipers, heater and airflow levers, and a modified radio to include MP3 capabilities. A white column protrudes from the gauge area and has an original turquoise blue steering wheel. Blue carpet and carpeted floor mats cover the floor below the dash and seats. Customization is the key as we see the chromed Kleenex dispenser under the dash, and on the hump below is a custom fabricated turquoise and white cup holder/storage box and any electronic tachometer in its corner. Above a tight whitey vinyl headliner has some chromed ribs in the seams.

Opening the hood we can view the original but clean engine bay. Consigner states that a mere 5,300 miles are on the Summit Racing 350ci V8. An automatic 700R4 transmission is attached to the back of the engine, and on top is now an Edelbrock 650cfm carburetor. Hooker stainless steel headers are on, and an aluminum oil pan. This car has even been converted to a power rack and pinion steering system.

Not even a hint of any road dirt or splatter so this car is trailered when it goes somewhere. Solid black painted steel framing, stainless steel exhaust, new fuel cell, power steering and power disc and rear drum braking is installed. TCI Mustang II IFS front suspension, and leaf springs for the rear. Front and rear anti-sway bars have been added on.

A turn of the key which opens the doors and trunk as well as starts the car and it comes to life at a low gurgle. On the test drive it ran beautifully, handled like a dream, and has good acceleration and braking. Just a lovely all working high end restoration driver.

This car takes the 1954 Bel Air, (the top of the Bowtie line trim), and puts it over the top with its chromed features, beautiful paint, and high options that are spit shined to a Tee. Every detail has meticulous attention paid to it, and now it can be your show piece. Build details with many invoices, and awards won will come with this cruiser. Hop in and take it to the drive in and watch a campy monster movie!

C-2400 Series Bel Air
O-Oakland, CA Assy Plant
020442-Sequential Unit Number

STYLE NO 54 1037D-1954 2 Door Sport Coupe
BODY NO O1592-Oakland Body #
TRIM NO 317-Turquoise Pattern Cloth, White Imitation Leather
PAINT NO 563-Turquoise & India Ivory
ACC EZI-Easy Eye Glass

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