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1953 Ford

Crestline Victoria


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Body Color
Engine Size
239 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1953 Ford Crestline Victoria

1953 Ford Crestline Victoria

There is something wonderful, disquieting, and in the end, embarrassing about America's cars in the 1950's: the lunkers, the dreamboats, the befinned, the be-chromed behemoths that lurked in the driveways of our suburban ranch homes in the burbs... only because they were too big for the garage! These were so American it drove Europeans to the brink of envy with their excesses in horsepower, and gadgetry. Throw caution to the wind as gas was super cheap, and was sold by the gallon, not the liter, so drive on! (Thanks to Karl Ann Marling from Autoeroticism)

Ford introduced all-new models for 1952, beating rival Chevrolet to the punch by a full year. The Crestliner became the Crestline and continued on as Ford's top-of-the-line model. On the outside, the car was more modern looking, with a wraparound windshield and curved rear glass, a new grille, and more ornamentation to break up the earlier “Shoebox” Ford's look. For consignment the example so defining of the era of car manufacturing it would be an example in the dictionary under the word excess. This fully restored example of a 1953 Ford Victoria is certainly dripping with all the trappings of the era, and then some. Pristine condition, and an amalgamation of various models all put together for this total custom creation begging the question “Who's your daddy?!” Henry!!

Up front and center we start with a re-chromed Corvette grille, (ah you thought it looked familiar), all mirror-like, and framed with a chrome trim piece on top fastened with a gaggle of round chromed bolts. Below is the bumper, showing off just as nice as the grille. Flanking on either side are a single headlight complete with the chromed visor and round chrome trim piece embedded smoothly into the front quarters. These are side by side with a bulbous long rounded hood with a painted pinstripe flourish hood ornament replacing in white, which is a very nice contrast to the gorgeous red paint seen on all the straight steel panels. On the mid front quarters, is a trim spear which starts and ends on the quarters, and is topped with a round half sphere. On the rockers are lake pipes with a trio of dummy outlets, all in a background of beautiful miles deep red paint. On the top of the door starting at the windshield sides is another swoop spear, and this frames the two tone white which covers the roof, doors and rear quarters from the beltline upward, and encompasses the trunk. Fender skirts hold the curved line from the lake pipes to the rear bumper and show just a hint of wide white sidewall. On back are nose cone-esque Olds pointy taillights and another pristine bumper. On the trunk lid is a contrasting red pinstripe flourish and on the rear quarters are twin angled rearward antennas. A large curved rear glass is framed with a massive chrome trimming wrapping around the “B” pillar with the glass. 15-inch Cragar-like chrome 5 spokes with faux knockoff hubs blaze the wide whites on all 4 corners and sport red brake drums peeking through.

Not to be outdone by the exterior, a mixed use of red vinyl and white leather covers all the door panel surfaces and seats. The seats are white tuck and roll inserts with red bolsters, and we note a large front split back bench in front and a solid bench in the rear. The original steering wheel has been modified in the center with a red center taillight replacing the usual Ford badging. The steering wheel is white bakelite and has no cracks or marks. Upfront is the original dash with an arched speedometer, with various gauges arching above it within the red dash top. Super shiny chrome bezels throughout house white crystal topped knobs and a neatly inserted AM/FM/cassette player also with crystal knobs. On top of the dash are more flourish pinstripes in black and white, and center mounted temperature gauge now in lieu of the original clock. Beautiful red carpet floods the floors, and a perfect white headliner floats above all this 50's splendor and excess. Speaking of excess, a shout out to the trunk which is covered in black carpet, houses an original ribbed chromed wheel cover and tire, a fire extinguisher, and chromed Victoria badging with a lower V spear…excellent!

Everywhere one turns their eye, you can feast on excess and eye candy, and the engined bay is no exception. Making use of brass, chrome, red paint, and black background, it's a 239ci V8 complete with Edmunds red painted silver ribbed heads. Topping it are a trio of brass plated Offenhauser 2-barrel carburetors and intake. On the back is a smooth Ford-O-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission. You must see this fine mix of metals and painted surfaces to believe how nice it really is finished off. All rebuilt approximately 5 years ago on the entire drivetrain including the rear.

I'm in the process of grabbing my knife and fork and my plan is to turn this car upside down and eat off it, it's that clean. All straight steel painted a nice black, and structurally solid as a rock. Independent coil spring suspension for the front, and leaf springs for the rear, along with drum brakes all around. Sound construction topped off with clean rust-free exhaust pipes combining with the headers, and Smithy mufflers to give this car a low rumble upon approach of it.

Obviously it fired up immediately, and that low rumble is a bit menacing, but is kept at bay with all the trimmings and excess on this car. A flip of the gear shift lever (topped with crystal of course!) and I'm off to the test track. She performed excellently, with great acceleration and handling, power steering for those tight spaces, and excellent braking. All controls were in working order during our drive. Honestly, I could not get enough of this beautiful blinged out Crestline. I would love to have this in my driveway, even though it would fit in my garage, I'd want to show it off to the neighbors a bit. Simply beautifully overdone, and if that is not an oxymoron, I don't know what is!

This writer is a sucker for these 50s pieces of Detroit iron, and with all the trimmings I'm in LOVE! A fantastic build producing a Crestline for the ages, a show winner fer sur. Every detail is just beautifully finished, and no stone left unturned for this excellent build. A must see if you like this stuff, as there are none others even close to this one in our massive mall. Trust me between me and my cohort, we've driven them all...

M-Memphis, TN Assy Plant
108547-Sequential Unit Number

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