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1963 Ford



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Engine Size
302 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1963 Ford Falcon

1963 Ford Falcon

Historically, the "Big Three" auto manufacturers (GM, Ford and Chrysler), focused purely on the larger and more profitable vehicles in the US and Canadian markets. Towards the mid-1950s, all three manufacturers realized that this strategy would no longer work. Large automobiles were becoming increasingly expensive, making smaller cars such as Fiats, Renaults, Toyotas, and Volkswagens increasingly attractive. Furthermore, many American families were now in the market for a second car, and market research showed women especially thought the full-size car had grown too large and cumbersome. Hence the project which became the Falcon was started and sponsored by Ford General Manager Robert S. McNamara, who commissioned a team to create what by American standards of the time would be a small car but elsewhere in the world considered a mid-size car. McNamara, who was promoted to Group Vice President of Cars and Trucks by the time the Falcon was launched, was intimately involved in development, insisting on keeping the costs and weight of the car as low as possible.

For consignment, a result of much market research that aimed at women, a second car for families, and a smaller car that was less cumbersome and expensive. We give you the 4th and last year of the first generation of the Ford Falcon. And talk about a fresh nut and bolt restoration, the consigner states that it was performed a mere 1K miles ago. The completely documented journey is fully recorded for posterity pictures and receipts.

In typical 60s Detroit fashion, Ford's first-generation Falcon, adorned with curved surfaces and creases that stretch from stem to stern, is incredibly hard to make straight once it's been overhauled or reworked. Fortunately, the metal on this compact coupe has been benefited by low mileage and usage over the years, so good panel alignment and an astute attention to detail remains. The car's classic flanks are very straight, prior to the respray being laid on its solid and sculpted body. That body's gaps are better than average, featuring doors that operate with precision, vertical components that are centered in their respective openings. And overall, this pint-size cruiser carries every indication that its high quality original condition turned into a well-kept effort to create a timeless compact car which looks good on the road and great in the parking lot! For the corners let's throw in some snappy 15-inch Vision wheels to go with the beautiful trim spear and rocker trim. all on the near perfect red field.

This cool Ford's correct and tasteful interior is a classy reminder of the days when style and appeal were the central focus of automotive design. At the front of the car, an original dash with a pristine stainless instrument cluster, all within the dual elongated eyebrow design stretching across the front and bathed in a tasteful body matching red color as well as making ample use of chrome surrounds and horizontal trim pieces. In front of that dash are 2 pristine fully restored low back wide buckets. They are in black vinyl and have tuck and roll inserts with smooth stitched black bolsters. Some silver piping adds to the allure, as does a center console with chromed horizontal ribbed glove box and surround. Below those seats, fade-free carpet in black and looking like new covers the floors. At the edges of that carpet, great looking door panels wrap like-new smooth black vinyl and mix it with red painted metal uppers and sills. In the center over the black vinyl, is some of that jet age styling in finely ribbed aluminum looking a lot like Chuck Yeager's ride when he broke the sound barrier. This wonderful shiny trim wraps entirely around the interior panels and is just beautifully done. Above those panels, a like-new headliner hangs tightly above all this wonderful color and design. Also, in front of the driver, an impressive original black Ford steering wheel has the bakelite cream topped shift lever and signal lever on the column. All very nicely done and a standing O for this early 60's interior.

With a car of this restoration caliper, one would almost expect something special to be under the hood, and opening it your wandering eyes will just say WHAAAAAAAT? Yes, there it is in the flesh, or should I say cast and machined metal, a Shelby air cleaner topped 302ci power plant with aluminum heads and intake. Topping the intake is a 4-barrel carburetor. On either side, covering those heads are ribbed cast valve coverings. On the back is a C4 3-speed automatic, and way back a narrowed rear axle, (by 1 inch), Ford 8-inch 3.50 pumpkin. All beautifully put together and I cannot wait to drive it.

Underneath we note as expected a fully blasted and repainted undercarriage. Solid as a rock with dual exhaust. Simple is the word of the day, with a single shock absorber dampening the road blows for the leaf spring suspension on back, and some traction bars. Independent coil springs are for the front. Drum brakes are all around, and all like new.

Every now and again we get an unexpected surprise and this car provided it. After a quick turn of the ignition and initial fire up, it was off to the test track where this car had surprising acceleration, smooth cruising, and great handling. This car is full of pleasant surprises, and I was duly impressed. Interior is near perfect with all working controls. A great ride, and surprisingly powerful. I checked under the hood to see if it was actually a V8 under there, and there was!

A nearly concours (although modified) example with a deep red color, and it mates with the original interior wonderfully. A simple yet beautifully designed compact with performance that is super impressive, as is the case with this entire automobile. Awesome nut and bolt rotisserie restoration which included the outlay of an unimpressive 60K, this Falcon swoops into our hallowed halls and has nested into the west wing. Definitely worth a gander.

H-Lorain, OH Assy Plant
17-Falcon Futura 2 Door Hardtop
U-170ci I6
229146-Sequential Unit Number

BODY 63C-Futura 2 Door Hardtop
COLOR Y-Glacier Blue
TRIM 82A-Blue Buckets W/Console
DATE 14F-June 14th
DSO 23-Memphis
AXLE 3- 3.20 Gears
TRANS 3-2 Speed Ford-O-Matic

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