1916 Buick



Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual

1916 Buick Touring

1916 saw several interesting things happening to Buick, one of them being the consolidation of the Buick Motor Company with the Weston-Mott Company which had moved its plant from Utica, New York, to Flint, Michigan. This old established firm had opened its doors in 1886 to manufacture bicycles; and later supplied wire wheels for the Curved Dash Olds Runabout and axles to Cadillac. It then was under a 10-year contract (started in 1908) to provide axles for Buick, and, in fact, had been bought out by General Motors in 1913.
Buick now also was absorbed as a Division of the fast recovering GM Corporation which (through Durant and his Chevrolet) had successfully weathered a severe financial storm and was regaining freedom from the bankers. Already, General Motors had declared its first dividend on common stock in 1915.

Take a step back in time when things were much simpler, that's what driving this 1916 Buick Touring car will do for you. This is not a # 1 restoration, but it is a very nice solid example from 1916. The body is solid, and the leather interior is beautiful. This 2.8L engine produces 35hp… just enough to take the kids to the local ice cream store for a cone, or drive in the local parade in your town on one of the holidays. Whatever you choose to use this car for, it's going to be a lot of fun.

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