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1949 Ford

F1 Pickup

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Figure based on a stock vehicle with OH rates with $100/$300k Liability/UM/UIM limits. Rates vary depending on the state, coverage selected and other factors. Policies underwritten by Essentia Insurance Company. Some coverage and discounts not available in all states. Call 877-922-9701 to speak with a representative or apply online. $357 /year insurance
Body Color
Engine Size
350 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1949 Ford F1 Pickup

1949 Ford F1 Pickup

The defining characteristic of a hot rod is that it has an engine that's large for the size of the vehicle, (similar to muscle cars), and that the engine itself is also modified to provide more power and thus more speed. It also was not out of line to remove as many parts from the original body work to experience some weight loss to power ratio increase.

For consignment the definition in the flesh of a Hot Rod. Here we see a 1949 Ford F1 pickup truck that is truly custom, has plenty of the original steel removed, has been chopped and narrowed, and now sports a 350ci Chevy motor with a steel crank. A wild and frosty Root Beer brown ride.

Save for the brown radiator surround and vertical ribbed grille the rest of the front of this truck has been removed. Open front wheels and suspension as well as a no hood exposing the power plant for all the world to see is the norm now. From the firewall rearward, the rounded cab has been chopped 6 inches. It has also been narrowed 4 inches. These straight steel is rust free and painted root beer brown. No running boards because of the low stance the driver and passenger can now slip right in. On the back is a box and bed, also root beer brown, sans fenders and rear bumpers. A more smoothed over rear roll pan is now on and houses the backup lights. The bed is steel with root beer paint on it and it's nice and shiny. 15 inch 5 spoke Torque Thrust wheels are on all 4 corners, and in front are wrapped by 215/60R15's and on the back big 275/60R15's. All naked as jaybirds with no fenders or running boards to speak of.

A swing of the black metal pedestrian doors where we see a very nice tuck and roll bench seat in black vinyl. A floor shifter resides in the center along with a tilt column wood rimmed rally steering wheel fronting this custom dash. Yes, it uses the original aluminum oval instrument background, and the original speedometer and fuel gauge and warning light instruments, but a small centrally located tachometer is now in. In the dash center a trio of driver canted gauges are in and a more modern sound system is mounted here too. The all metal dash is painted all black. Black carpeting covers the floors, and a very much labeled “Boom Mat” is covering the headliner and vertical surfaces.

There is a reason that there is no hood, and I believe it has more to do than just weight loss. Here we are greeted with an awe inspiring 350ci V8. It has 4 bolt mains and a steel crank. Inside it produces a 9:1 compression ratio, and has a double roller timing chain. Twin 57mm turbos snake from each side of the mill to a 750cfm Demon blow through carb. This has an oil cooler to aid in its functioning. On the back is a TH350 trans with a shift kit and a 3500 stall converter. Way back is an 8.8 Ford Mustang posi rear with 3.32 gears. Exhaling for this deep breather is aided by headers and an exit pipe that simply exits before the firewall on either side.

We would be remiss for this interesting creation of I did not mention the attention to detail for the underside. Here we see lots of custom work from the double Z frame drilled in front, which supports transverse leaf springs for the front and shiny shocks. In the back leaf springs are on. Also, with the aid of 4-wheel discs now on you can bring this baby to a quick hault. All is looking literally like new, and it is a beautiful job even with some root beer brown seen peppering various areas.

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke is what you'll get if you want it. It fires up with a mighty roar, and it continues as you go through the gears of the TH350 tranny. Drives nicely, functions are working swimmingly, and it is definitely an attention grabber as you can hear it a mile prior to your actual arrival.

Plenty of WOW factors for this truck now in total hot rod presentation. Loud and proud, a definite GO-er and SHOW-er, all shaved up chopped, lowered, souped up, and ready to roll.

7H-226ci I 6 1bbl
C-1/2 Ton
221785-Sequential Unit Number

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