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1970 Chevrolet

Corvette Convertible


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Body Color
Engine Size
350ci V8 L46
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1970 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

1970 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Say Corvette and immediately one harkens back to the 1960's and 1970's when the Corvette was in its heyday with design, and power going through several iterations. It was not uncommon to snag one of these examples, and with a need for speed modify it for the strip. Since the invention of the automobile, some tinkerer, shade tree mechanic, or custom shop has been trying to make it go faster.

This 1970 C3 fiberglass shark styled body Corvette is up for consignment and deserves a serious look. With this car sporting the convertible, as well as the L46 mill we could call it a high performance small block much like a welterweight fighter, quick, powerful, reasonably light, highly durable, and brutally effective.

This shark with its chromed bumpers and lower chromed egg crate grille is in the sweet spot of the C3 years. Just prior to the performance killing EPA emissions add ons, and still enjoying chrome, the remainder of the body in fiberglass is Corvette Marlboro Maroon. It's a respray, and it remains shiny, and presents overall in good condition with a few chip offs and a soiree cracking of the fiberglass in numerous areas, (How 'bout that Cowboy??!). Badged as “Stingray” complete with front quarter “gills”, a chromed mirror on the door, chromed window surrounds, and the dual rear bumpers split for the license plate, all chrome is in good condition. The clean white canvas convertible top is tear free and the rear plastic window is ever so slightly fogged due to age. 15-inch rally wheels are all around with deep dish trim rings and good rubber wrapping them. Bringing up the rear are rectangular chrome tailpipe covers which work their way through the bodywork at the rear roll panel and are surrounded by shiny bezels, just like the rocker trimmings, which are stainless steel. Rolling artwork if you will.

A swing of the sculpted doors and we see saddle, (tan), styled door panels which present nicely with just a few fab faults in the door arm rest for the driver's side. Inside are shiny styled high back buckets in saddle leather, and a tuck and roll insert with a smooth exterior bolster. Racing to the front of the car from the back of the passenger compartment is a saddle vinyl center console. Here we note the handbrake, shift lever, and climate control dials and sliding fan speed levers. Moving upward an original AM/FM radio and just above a series of 5 essential round gauges and warning lights that serves as your monitoring station as you jet along the highway. The driver's front shows in the padded saddle looking good and has deep inset round gauges and vents behind the original steering wheel. Behind the buckets is a large, carpeted storage area in gold carpet well preserved as is the carpeting under the passengers' feet, all this in gold color.

This car has its numbers matching 350ci V8 L46 complete with the correct 4-barrel carb and intake manifold. An original numbers matching Muncie M21 4-speed manual transmission is on board and this throws power rearward to a 3.70 posi-traction rear.

Underneath is very well preserved with just a slight patina on some of the metal parts, but solid steel and fiberglass mounted to it. C3 suspension all around and power discs for all 4 corners. A clean dual exhaust snakes its way rearward from the mill.

All was well, for the test drive with great acceleration with that 1970's sound, smooth ride, good handling and straight bias free braking. The pre electronic all control cars offer up a feel on the wheel that is unmatched. Kind of down and dirty driving. Giddyup buttercup!!

With 1970 being a good year for the 350ci small block V8 L46, later models succumbing to due to the EPA, (TYVM), this remains a desirable car. Good paint on the respray, nice saddle vinyl interior and a 4-speed with the convertible, you will be the belle of the ball when you show up to the restaurant in this classic. Think of it as that bronzed set of baby shoes you have, a great memory, and this one you can drive.

S-St. Louis, MO Assy Plant
411338-Sequential Unit Number

F05-June 5th Build
TRIM 424-Saddle Leather
PNT 975-Marlboro Maroon