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1986 Cadillac

Fleetwood Brougham


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Body Color
Light Blue
Engine Size
5.0 Liter V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic

1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

History: Originally used for a single horse drawn enclosed carriage for 2-4 people, the “Brougham” owes its name to British statesman, Henry Brougham. Cadillac first used the name in 1916 to designate an enclosed 5-7 passenger sedan body style. The Fleetwood body design was named for the chassis factory which was located in beautiful downtown Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

This 1 owner since new, AACA Certified senior car, all original right out of the square and rectangle design era. All is presenting in excellent condition, this car is the definition of De' Elegance and is associated frequently with the well-heeled, is now a true classic and gracing our hallowed halls here at Classic Auto Mall. We give you a 1986 Fleetwood Brougham from the Cadillac Division of GM.

Bathed in factory original light blue, sporting long and straight rust-free steel, well minded gaps and a padded blue vinyl top we could just say flossy, flossy. From the crested hood and chrome grille below, and the dual square headlights, and shiny bumper below we are rolling in first class. Nice window trimmings, and a stainless rocker covering and straight as arrows side trimmings and wheel surrounds that frame chromed spoke wire wheel covers, we see as my mother would say “The rich get richer” and this car is exemplary of this quote. On the back cathedral style vertical taillights are framed in large shiny bezels and mate with a lower bumper which is also pristine. A 4 door saloon I now have car envy!

A swing of any of the massive padded blue vinyl and wood paneled veneer doors, and the conveniences just on the door will take a rocket scientist a few days to learn. Within the wood and vinyl armrest are controls for the windows, mirrors, seats and side view mirrors. All is clean and well, blue with these panels, pulls, and actuators. Inside have a sit on any one of the tufted overstuffed dark blue leather encased couches. These are wonderfully preserved, and any signs of aging shows a graceful process. These seats float in a sea of dark blue carpeting which is fairly clean. Above in front is a forest of veneer for the dash front, with more controls, knobs and buttons. In their center are digital readout AM/FM/cassette radio and push button digital readout climate controls. For the passenger more deep wood for the glove box door and surrounds. Nice padded blue crack free vinyl is on top, and a band of warning lights stretches across the top directly against the windscreen. The headliner is looking blue and like new, in fuzzy broadcloth above all this rich leather…breathe it in!

Under the hood not unlike the rest of the car is a well preserved very clean rust and corrosion free engine in 5.0 liter V8 configuration. A single 4-barrel feeds it, and on the back a 200R4 4-speed automatic transmission whisks you down the highway. A 10-bolt 2.73 get axle provides fuel economy, as if you care.

Ahhhhh yup! as expected slight road dirt, otherwise showroom condition save for the exhaust piping just prior to the mufflers which sports a hole. Everywhere else including the independent coil springs and 4 link with coil springs on back suspension is beautifully preserved and working like a charm. Power disc brakes are in front, and power drums for the rear. You can now oooooh and ahhhhh at the underside structure.

Slipping inside I began to wonder what the less fortunate folks were doing, but then turned my attention to the key which fired up the engine, which took me to the test track which put a smile on my pampered tush. All worked fabulously, and nary even a peep from the suspension or engine during my enjoyable high end ride.

We have a winner! All original 1 owner car which has led a pampered life, and it shows it. It does not look a day over 35 years old.

G-General Motors
DW-Fleetwood Brougham
69-4 Door Sedan
Y-305ci V8 4bbl
X-Check Digit
9-Detroit, MI Assy Plant
738621-Sequential Unit Number

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