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1983 Datsun



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Engine Size
2.8L I6
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual

1983 Datsun 280ZX

1983 Datsun 280ZX

Although the old guard won't enjoy hearing it, Japanese cars are becoming collectable. We're already seeing spikes in prices of cars like the Datsun 2000 roadster, the Toyota 2000GT, and the early Mazda Cosmo, so there's no sense in fighting it. The Datsun/Nissan Z-car now has a history that's nearly as old as some of our beloved American iron such as the Camaro, Firebird, and Dodge Challenger. And for a generation that grew up in the 70s, the Nissan 280ZX was something we eagerly read about in the pages of our favorite car magazines.

The American iron muscle had plenty of power which is indisputable, but Datsun, (soon to be Nissan), with their Z series, had decent power for their size, but has a one up on the Americans…handling! This was nowhere more evident in the class ranks of the SCCA, where the Z's were in the same class as the ponies. Down the straight it was the Americans, however they were quickly caught in the curves and out handled which made for interesting racing on all configurations of tracks. And now for consignment, we give you this 1983 version of the Datsun 280ZX…read on!

A super shiny Thunder Black paint job adorns this sports car from Japan. A nicely curved front spoiler curves around to meet the front quarters which frame 15-inch black spoked wheels sporting shiny chromed dish edges. Some extra fairings are on the rockers and the rear of this car sports a spoiler at the end on a long sloping rear hatchback lid. Removable smoked glass T-top panels trimmed with edge chrome add a nice highlight to the top of this sportscar and allow filtered light to enter the cockpit. A triangular smoked glass B pillar window is seen. On the back some snappy orange over red taillights within a black horizontal grid bezel, a black bumper bowl and a shiny muffler with dual exhaust tips peek out from the bottom. With the extra fairings, neat wheels and smoked glass with chromed surrounds this car links like a bottle of lightning!

A swing of the door to leap inside to an inviting very good condition interior, reveals 2 leather tan colored covered bucket seats all original. Comfortably seated, one can reach out to the original steering wheel, gearshift and gaze upon the clean original dash. The dash is all made up of brown molded textured plastic. The dash display is digital which adds a techno look when turning the key. In the center is a trio of molded circles which have gauges embedded within these circles and are aimed at the driver for easy glancing to see what's up. Carpeting covering the floor is gold tone and has a few areas of minor soiling. The rear hatchback cargo area carpeting is very clean and has a nice thick pile. Also noted on the convenience side are power windows, remote controlled mirrors, an aftermarket AM/FM/CD MP3 digital radio is now within a wood fabricated panel below the temp sliders. Some extra speakers have been mounted behind the buckets. On top of the dash is a mounted aftermarket backup camera display

Flipping the long, long hood forward reveals an original unrestored engine bay which presents very clean. Shoehorned into this space is the L28E inline 6-cylinder engine with fuel injection. This will produce 180hp and has a turbocharger attached for the extra ommph. Bolted on the back is a T5 5-speed manual transmission that not only provides great acceleration in lower gears, but great gas mileage in overdrive. This works with a 3.54 rear axle to spin the tires.

Shades of some patina show here with little to no surface rust, (although it has been sprayed with undercoating), a solid frame, good mechanicals, and overall, very clean condition. All independent suspension is seen as well as power disc brakes on all 4 corners.

Drive Ability
No complaints from this car as it fired right up and ran beautifully. All functions were in working order, and it presents nicely to the eye for the interior and exterior. Exhaust sound relates to the impending storm that is forming and this car is looking for a challenger, possibly even some American Pony Muscle.

Prior to Nissan—this Datsun 280ZX BY NISSAN..has bells and whistles that the regular Z did not have. It is also a slightly larger car, fuel injected, and has overdrive. Overall, this is a very nice car, well maintained with diligent replacement of any parts that were not up to complete perfect snuff (fuel pump, etc). An original car for consignment here at Classic Auto Mall will have you tearing down the road, making lots of zzzzzzzzz's!

1-Passenger Car
C-Turbo L28E
Z0-S130 Model
S-2 Seater
9-Check Digit
X-Nissa Assy Plant
751662-Sequential Unit Number

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