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1963 Dodge Polara

1963 Dodge Polara

Well into the 1970s, when you referred to a postwar American car as simply a "1971 Chevy" or "1953 Mercury," everyone knew you meant the full-sized car made by the specified company, and model names for most of these cars simply designated the trim level. Eventually, some model names shoved all their siblings aside, as with the Impala or 300, but the system of numerous model names for the same car was in full swing in 1963 Detroit. In that year, your basic Dodge came in flavors ranging from the no-frills 330 all the way up to the loaded Polara 500.

For today's consignment we travel to the north hallway where this gem “Polara”, sporting a hardtop and some extra factory trimmings that once stood just a single notch below the 500 on the '63 Dodge Prestige-O-Meter. So, a base model with 500 trimmings.

Not unlike the “fratzog” adorning the front of this car right in the middle, the naming “Polara” avoids a real “definition” as well. Possibly from Polaris, or “pole star” or just a made-up name we will take every inch of this car because it's a Dodge namesake classic, meaning when we refer to it, we can just say 63 Dodge and everyone will know what you are talking about. This example with a well-documented owner history is all straight rust-free steel and bathed in white. An electric shaver styled front inverted V grille which is flanked by a small high beam running light, and a round headlight which is molded into the front quarter, and a shiny bumper below looks the part. Not a 500 trim Polara, but the consignor states that the extra shiny molding on the B pillars was all 500 trimming, hence he is assuming that it is a factory mistake. The world may never know for sure, however we do know it's on! A nice shiny trim spear runs from stem to stern and on the back dives downward to touch the rear bumper. Nice polished window trimmings are seen throughout, and another stainless steel polished rocker trimming is also on and highlighting the pristine white paint. This car does show some early signs of invasive rust, particularly on the lower rockers near the wheel wells, and the actual edge of each wheel well is marred a bit. Steel wheels have a polished cap in each center, and it is repeated on all 4 corners.

Like new interior door panels are covered in brown vinyl and a centrally located textured vertical and horizontal thin ribbed panel is in the center, along with shiny door actuators and window cranks. Moving inside a bench bottomed and split low back front seat is covered with more of the pristine vinyl, although this time in a lighter shade nearly tan. A center fold down armrest is wide enough for passenger and driver. In back a full bench also in very good condition and matching the front seat pattern. An original dash is fronting these chairs, which also have some nice chrome accenting on their edges and built-in polished ashtrays in their backs…”smoke 'em if ya got em!” As for the dash, it makes full use of beautifully curved and sculpted lines, some chromed plated areas, some ribbed aluminum panels and a brown padded dash top in excellent condition. This dash has a push button transmission, and push button temp controls. An original radio is in, and the plastic steering wheel in two tone brown and white is cracked off just a bit in the transition from the brown to white. Nice brown carpeting floods the floors and is all clean and …well, brown! A white padded headliner is above, and it has chromed seam coverings stretching from side to side. It shows some slight smudges.

Under the hood, in a fully restored painted white engine bay sits a red painted 318ci poly V8 2bbl. Similar to a HEMI, it had polyspherical combustion chambers, and canted valves. There is a 3-speed A727 Torqueflite transmission on the back and an 8-3/4 inch rear axle. Beautifully restored and looking like it just drove off the lot under this hood.

A mixture of some wear off of the original rustproofing can be seen along with some heavier coating of it on the inner rockers, and a peppering of heavy surface rust on suspension parts as well as a few areas on the floor pans is the general scenery of this undercarriage. There are a few areas where the rust is invasive mostly on the rear inner wheel wells near the rockers and the floor pans which show the underside of the carpeting. Torsion bars for the front suspension, and leaf springs for the back along with 4 wheel drum brakes are seen when up on the lift.

She fired right up thanks to that restoration of the 318ci poly, and ran like a champ. Smooth acceleration, bopped braking and nice handling for a 4-door sedan. The gas gauge was working intermittently, however all else was functioning as it should.

Now a whole lot of owners for this car which show off in good condition. Some surface and invasive rust on its lowers, but all straight steel elsewhere. There 500 extra trimming all in non 500 Polara form, this neato early 60's 4 door grocery getter and its iconic styling carry on the dream of the White Hat boys of yore. See it and you'll come with your own definition when it sits in your driveway and you spare out at it as you sip your AM cup of Joe.

6-Dodge V8
2-Dodge Main, Detroit, MI Assy Plant
199457-Sequential Unit Number

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