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1976 Chevrolet

Corvette Coupe

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Figure based on a stock vehicle with OH rates with $100/$300k Liability/UM/UIM limits. Rates vary depending on the state, coverage selected and other factors. Policies underwritten by Essentia Insurance Company. Some coverage and discounts not available in all states. Call 877-922-9701 to speak with a representative or apply online. $548 /year insurance
Engine Size
502 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1976 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

1976 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

By 1976, the United States economy was on the mend from the 1973–1975 global economic recession. The recession, which had been caused in part by the 1973 oil crisis, had caused gas prices to soar which, in turn, had made automotive manufacturers begin re-evaluating the types of vehicles they were manufacturing. Over 540,000 third generation Corvettes were built between 1968 and 1982 making the C3 generation the most production Corvette ever and the most popular for the collector.

This would be the last year, since its 1968 inception where a C3 generation car would have had the Stingray moniker on its body. Maintaining the classic Stingray shape, although much smoother styling with its undulating hood, flying buttress B pillars and rounded rear, this consignment presents itself in beautiful deep red. Side pipes and a much larger high-performance engine have been put in, along with a stinger hood to take us back to the 1960's and the C2 versions.

Deep darker Red with contrasting black matte stinger hood coats the fiberglass on this garage kept curvaceous example. The iconic Sting Ray “gills” if you will vent cool air into the engine bay from directly south of the front wheel wells. Brite work is minimal but in good condition and shows up on the door handles, front glass frame side view mirrors and rockers with the big snarling Hooker brand chromed side pipes residing next to these rocker coverings. The remainder of the car is red painted neoprene for the chrome less bumpers, and fiberglass body. New headlight relays are installed, and headlights flip up and down when the knob is pulled. A rear deck rack in chrome is on, and the back bumper of the car has been modified so that the round taillights are inset deeper, and a spoiler is above in this molding. 15-inch wheels with knockoff style hubs are wrapped by 225/70R15's all around.

Black on black with leather buckets showing some slight folds as leather tends to do with age. Door panels showing slight wear as well, and these have a sporty wood appliqué panel in their uppers. The center console has a nicely padded leather armrest/storage lid, and this drives the eye forward to the shift lever, lighter, and temp wheels. A remote and switch is within this space as well, the remote is for the audio system. The deep-set gauges in the dash are original, however several aftermarket bolt on gauges now cover some of the instruments original to the dash. These include a NOS meter, a shift light tachometer, and a fuel pressure meter. Also seen under the group of 5 instruments original to the center dash of this car is a Pioneer AM/FM/CD player. Behind the seats is now the NOS bottle and delivery system, and a 12-disc holder for those CD tunes and the subwoofer with tweeters in the box behind the NOS bottle.

A lift forward of the stinger hood, and we see a massive 502ci V8 with a 100hp Nitrous kit added on now resides here. Only 25,000 miles on the engine. There are two fuel delivery systems, one for the gas and the other for the bottle. A 4-speed manual Muncie is on back, and a 3.90 Posi rear with Richmond gears is the axle make-up. MSD high voltage provides the spark, and all that's left to say is c'mon baby light my fire!

A rust free, (if seen- surface rust only!), underside that has new brakes all around, new tires, suspension bushings, a new dual exhaust with catalytic converters removed, and new front shocks are noted. An all stainless braided hose fuel delivery system is on and seen near the new rear fuel cell.

Car starts right up, and runs well. Good handling, and nice overall ride with the power rack and pinion steering. When you go full throttle the NOS bottle starts its feed and you notice a nice kick in your pants, as well as a smile on your face! The speedometer is not working, and the alarm is inoperable on this rebuild.

A looker and a definite cooker, this customized “Vette” needs no introduction when it shows up at your suburban driveway. Your neighbors will be able to hear and if close enough feel the rumble from the side pipes, and there they will notice the sculpted looks of this 1976 Last year of the Stingray Corvette. Remember Corvette means a small nimble warship, so I-de-clare-WAR!

37-Corvette Coupe
X-350ci V8 L82 4bbl
S-St. Louis, MO Assy Plant
441547-Sequential Unit Number

L07-July 7th Build
TRIM 192-Black Leather
PAINT 64L-Buckskin

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