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1978 Chevrolet

Monza Prostreet


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Engine Size
357ci V8
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1978 Chevrolet Monza Prostreet

1978 Chevrolet Monza Pro Street

Pro Street is a style of street-legal custom car popular in the 1980s, usually built to imitate a Pro Stock class race car. Pro Street cars should appear to be more at home on the drag strip than the street, while remaining street legal and not gutted like a race car or bracket race car. Typically called a backhalf car (tubbed).

For consignment, a definite wild ride and not your everyday Chevrolet Monza. We have a real toy here that takes an ordinary Monza, and back halves it, throws in a 10 point cage, adds in some comp coil over shocks in the back, 2 fuel systems one for the gas and one for the ons, AND fully carpeted, sculpted racing buckets and all the comforts you'll need to run down to the WaWa and get a few snacks, or milk or whatever, and gas!

This stock Monza from Chevrolet has been tubbed and a 5 inch cowl hood has been added on. It was then resprayed with silver and some snappy teal to purple graphics were painted on. Flame on! Save for the lattice work on the rear triangular side windows and silver painted bumpers the car remains a 1978 Monza you could get from the dealer for the exterior. Gaps are good and no rust is noted anywhere. Upfront little Moroso Front runner tires wrap 15 inch Monocoque wheels which are nice and shiny, and on back 15 inch Weld DragLite wheels are wrapped in 31x18.5-15 Hoosier Quick Time Pro rubber. Drop the hanky honey I'm ready to launch!

All original seating was stripped out, then a 10-point cage was welded in. Racing buckets with RJS 5-point belts were put in over nice looking and very clean black carpeting. The former rear seat area and hatchback houses the NOS bottle baby, and Moroso battery box with on off switch and Optima battery. Autometer ultralight gauges were added in to monitor the vitals at a glance, and a B&M pro shifter with a line lock is on the hump. The original dash has been greatly simplified and we could call it “just the facts Ma'am”.

Within a pristine engine bay under the removable cowled hood, sits the money shot with a 357ci V8. I'll try to do this in one breath, so let's take a big INHALE…JE pistons 13:5 to 1, Manley H-beam rods, Chevy steel crank, Lunti Roller cam (.648 lift .308 dur.), ATI super damper, gear drive with billet cover, bowtie intake, 750 Holley carb, MSD distributor, 6Al box and timing control, Moroso pan, Moroso sheet metal valve covers, Weiand water pump, Hooker Supercomp headers, K&N air cleaner, Dart Pro One aluminum heads, Manley pushrods, Harland Sharp rockers, Dart stud girdle, Borla XR-1 Mufflers 3 inches in size, ATI Powerglide with transbrake and a 1.76 gear with turbo input shift, a Coan 8 inch 5200 converter, B&M super cooler with braided lines, a new driveshaft with Strange billet yokes, a 9 inch Ford rear with a Strange spool, Moser axles with 5.14 Richmond gears…TAKE A DEEP BREATH!

Upfront an independent coil spring suspension is on and in back 4 link with coil overs. Disc brakes for the front, and drums for the rear. This Pro streeted has 2 fuel systems, one for the gas which is a Holley black pump with a number 8 braided line to feed the mill, and a Holley blue line pump number 6 for the NOS system. An 8-gallon fuel cell is also now on, so you can at least get to the WaWa and back, and of course more!

We lit this candle up and it was wheels up to the test track. To state the obvious, it takes off like a rocket ship, shifts smoothly, and goes very well in a straight line. It's actually a good driver too for those non competition jaunts.

Plenty of WOW factor for the no expense spared power plant, and other than the big Hoosiers on back and the 5 inch cowl added to the hood, we have a Chevrolet Monza with a big secret that it just cannot keep. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.

07-2 Door Hatchback
U-305ci V8 2bbl
U-Lordstown, OH Assy Plant
177102-Sequential Unit Number

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