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1965 Pontiac

Bonneville Coupe


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Engine Size
389 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1965 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe

1965 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe

Interesting story on how the Pontiac Bonneville really earned its name. It all started with David “Ab” Jenkins and his love for the Bonneville Salt flats. He and his son Marv were racers there and in 1956 were tapped by Pontiac to help the brand set some speed records and to shed it's ho-hum reputation. “Until my dad got hold of that Pontiac,” said the late Marv Jenkins, “it was a car for retired ministers. In June of 1956 Ab and his son Marv drove a Series 860 Pontiac around a 10-mile circular track that had been laid out on the salt. Together they achieved an average speed of 118.375 MPH in a 24 hour period and shattered all 28 American unlimited and Class C stock-car racing records. Ab drove around 2,841 of the miles himself and survived off of only a few chugs of milk that he took down during his 30-second pit stops. He died of a heart attack shortly after setting the records. In 1957 Pontiac named the Bonneville in his honor, a rare example in which a car was named after a racing inspired theme.

For consignment a 1965 version of the Bonneville that represents in my opinion one of the nicest design years in the history of this car. With its split front grille, Pontiac “beak” breaking it up, dual stacked headlights, sleek rear with integrated horizontal tail lights and along with a clean interior, this example is a keeper. And it certainly was for the one family it's been in ownership of since it was bought new!

A 20 year ago burgundy respray still holds its own covering the big steel panels of this large and in charge cruiser, complete with fender skirts. Panels are mostly straight, paint is good, and there is a lot of it to look at. From the side view it appears as a 2 door spaceship with a swept back B pillar, and long, long trunk and hood and inset bumpers in chrome, it could be moving at warp speed. Adding to the spaceship mystique are the turbine style wheel covers and thin white sidewalls. A stainless rocker trim which covers the bottom from the front well rearward continues on the rear quarters, shows some wear and dings, but adds a nice highlight to the bottom end of this Starship Enterprise. A few areas of dulling and minor rust on an edge or two, but otherwise looking great for having been around since the big bang!

Pristine black door panels made up of tuck and roll vertical ribs and some nice trimming along with power window toggles, a split back front bench, and another bench for the back are all in nicely preserved vinyl and make up the passenger compartment. The consigner states his father was fanatical about the interior and indeed this was their family car for many years, but the interior does not show such use. A wood appliqué dash with plenty of chromed highlighting is clean, and all functioning. An aftermarket gauge is far left hand mounted nicely into the wood. The top dash is covered with black crack free padded vinyl. Factory A/C unit hangs below the dash. With the wood applique and thin bezels throughout, along with a shiny chromed steering column this car is a stunner for the interior. Nice black carpet covers the floors, and a tight black headliner floats above. Beam me up Scotty.

A pop of the large and long hood and we are in the presence of a nicely preserved patina engine bay, within which is a 389ci V8. This steel blue block is topped with same colored valve covers, and a black single snout air cleaner, and has nice supple shiny rubber hoses, like new wires, and some snazzy blue spark plug wiring showing up showing wrapping around the valve covers. Below the air cleaner is a factory 2-barrel carburetor and strapped to the back is a TH400 3-speed automatic transmission which was rebuilt at some point, as to exactly when is unknown. Power goes rearward to a 10-bolt rear with 2.41 gears. “I'm giving her all she's got, Captain.”

Setting our phasers to stun-ned, the undercarriage is clean and mean with no rust seen. All structurally sound underneath, and noted independent coil springs upfront, and 4 link with coil springs on the rear, provide the glide ride this car is famous for. Power drum brakes are handed out to all 4 corners, and all is well underneath, including a rust free like new exhaust system.

Past history allowed me to step to the front of the test drive line as when I was 16 this was the family car, and I loved every minute off it, mainly because of those 2 large benches and my 15 year old arm candy, along with the solid front bench the possibilities were limitless, but I digress. This one started right up, idled smoothly, and when shifted into gear took off with V8 2-barrel power. It is a large car, and will not carve a curve, but then again it is a cruiser with plenty of cubic inches to romp around in and utilize under the hood. A super smooth ride, this car will literally cruise all day at highway speed and can carry a family on long trips. While on one, don't forget to pull over, have a sandwich and pop the hood for the engine to cool faster before returning to the interstate. Is that a 60's thing? As it is highly illogical when really thinking about it.

All in all a nice ride, good paint, clean chrome, and a sparkling engine which ticks like a clock. Plenty of room to play in, and the iconic Pontiac look with its split grille, “beak” and stacked headlights, and a wonderful interior to boot. Speaking of boot, prior to your purchase I'll move my 1 bedroom furniture out of the trunk, but for now it's staying. “Live long and prosper” Aye Aye Spock….

37-2 Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
P-Ponitac, MI Assy Plant
256461-Sequential Unit Number

04A-1st Week April Build
ST 65 26237-1965 Bonneville 2 Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
BDY P9690-Pontiac Body #
TR 255-Black Vinyl Bench
PNT N2-Burgundy, Black Vinyl Top
W-Tinted Glass
X-Power Windows
O-Mirror Group
2A-Foam Front Cushion
Z-3 Speed Automatic
P-AM Radio
R-Rear Seat Speaker
3N-Roof Rail Reading Lamps
4F-Outside Remote Mirror
5W-Retractable Front Seatbelts

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