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1959 Cadillac

Coupe DeVille


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Engine Size
390 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic

1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

The name "DeVille" is derived from the French de la ville or de ville meaning "of the town". In French coach building parlance, a coupé de ville, from the French couper, (to cut), i.e. shorten or reduce, was a short four-wheeled closed carriage with an inside seat for two and an outside seat for the driver and this smaller vehicle was intended for use in the town or city, (de ville). A limousine or town car has a division between the passenger and driver compartments and if the driver's seat is outside, it may be called a sedanca de ville or town car. Now that's some history!

For consignment, a 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille consigner stated two time celebrity car, with an engraved key with a "J" on one side and "Jerry Garcia" on the other. The car was then owned by the famous Boyd Coddington Hot Rod Collectibles Shop in California. Truly one of a kind with its Butternut Yellow paint, two tone leather interior, Air Ride Technologies suspension, and a myriad of power conveniences courtesy of the designers and engineers at Cadillac. This numerous award-winning car makes a bold statement wherever it goes.

Bathed in the deep end of the pool paint, this once Gotham Gold piece of mobile artwork is now a subtle shade of Butternut Yellow. Dual visored headlights with the rounded over trimmed visors appear to be snarling at you. These float above a chrome egg crate grille with a mid way thru wide chrome trimming then more eggcrate below. At the bottom there is a large mirror like chrome bumpers with porthole style marker lights on the corners. A strip of chrome runs rearward from the headlights to the windshield and highlights the edge of the front fenders. The raked rearward windshield keeps everything looking low and slow. Big steel side slabs have good gaps and no sagging panels. A lower beltline trim piece rockets rearward and just above those iconic rear quarters which have yet to be topped in any form of automotive design. These are topped with a chrome trimming and end in dual pointed rocket style taillights. A large rear bumper is down low with a centralized egg crate design and massive rocket exhaust style reverse light openings. 18" & 20" polished American Racing Torque Thrust Wheels adorn the corners with blackwall low profile tires and a shout out to the trunk lid which has Boyds wife Jo Coddington's signature. Who said wretched excess is a bad thing??? It would be like someone saying I have too much money!

A swing of the doors and more excess can be sniffed out and create more eye candy. The door panels have a mixture of 3 tones and some customization. Tan and beige leather start the top of the panel with the beige holding the top and the tan, separated by a snappy chrome trim piece, encompassing the middle section. In the middle resides the chrome door release and a custom speaker location. Power windows are installed, and the door panels are pristine. Turning our eyes on what we are about to sit on we see two tone tan leather custom upholstery for both the rear and power front bench seating. The front bench sports an armrest and all is in immaculate shape. Chrome tubs cradle the front bench, all sitting in a dark taupe sea of beautiful clean carpeting. A futuristic styled custom leather covered GM dash with a central gauge speedo cluster and dual surrounding circles of encased metal controls is in front of a two toned brown and tan plastic covered steering wheel. Some more window toggles in the corners of the wrap around dash as well as the wiper and washer buttons just below are within easy reach of the pilot. The dash has climate controls along with A/C, dual ash receptacles, a big glovebox, and plenty of shiny trimmings throughout. The original AM radio takes up its spot in the dash but a custom Clarion stereo is hidden away for your listening pleasure. Air ride controls are down low and center on the dash and a tight headliner hangs above.

All is clean in the black and Butternut Yellow engine bay. An original 390ci V8 making 325hp sits in between the fenders and is topped with a 4bbl carburetor. Body color matching valve covers top the cylinder heads and have an airbrushed Cadillac logo on them. A Butternut Yellow batwing style air cleaner is on top of the carburetor and has a large airbrushed V on it, all very snazzy. A Hydramatic 4-speed automatic sends power back to a rear axle weighing in with a 2.94 ratio.

A black, rust free undercarriage greets us with a reinforced X frame below and attached are independent air bagged front suspension plus a 4 link with air bags on the rear. Air Ride Technologies provide the Shock Wave air system. Power drum brakes are all around and dual exhaust is in very good rust free condition.

A coin toss was necessary to see who was driving and again I won....my crack decoder will never catch my double headed coin. We rolled low and slow off to the test track where we had a blast and received a ton of thumbs ups along our drive. The dull roar of the dual exhaust was even better music to our ears than the Clarion stereo could provide. Good acceleration, surprisingly good braking for a car this size, and a great ride thanks in part to the airbags.

A well done custom cruiser retaining its original charm with minimal body modifications, air ride, and a custom leather interior makes a killer package. The dual celebrity history sweetens the pot even more. One trip to the Classic Auto Mall and you can enjoy the excess in life and be the talk of the town.

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