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1970 Porsche

911 Targa


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Engine Size
134ci Flat 6
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual

1970 Porsche 911 Targa

1970 Porsche 911 Targa

Throughout its 55 years of existence, the Porsche 911 has accomplished many great feats. Probably the most iconic Porsche ever, the 911 has had many variants and forms over its lifetime. Originally named the '901' in 1963, Porsche had to rename it as the '911' as French automaker Peugeot said he had a trademark on “digit-zero-digit” named models. The Porsche 911 is only manufactured in the Stuttgart, Germany factory, making about 110 Porsche 911 models a day.

If I had to pick a Porsche 911 year to have, I'd have to state this is THE YEAR! And it is here for consignment all looking good. One has to love the design, stainless B pillar, rounded protruding fenders with the single headlight, and the rounded sloping rear deck among many other things you can brag about when you have ownership of this car. Our consignor also provided a folder of receipts that included wiring being redone, body seals being replaced, the engine and transmission being rebuilt, (in 1999), interior work, body and paint work, and various other repairs made during the time of ownership.

Bathed in black, this sporty Carrera 911 T has all the right moves when it comes to the overall design. A sloping rounded hood which is shades of the 356 era is flanked on either side by a single headlight with a chromed bezel and large round quarter panel tops that keep the shape of the bezel as they move towards the targa top. Curved turn signals are wrapping the front quarters, along with some small stainless venting and eventually the rubber banded front bumper with vertical guards. As we move rearward straight rust-free steel with nicely minded gaps make up the panels for the sides. Nicely preserved chrome trimmings surround all the glass and the stainless steel “basket handle” frames the back of the targa removable top center panel. A wraparound greenhouse glass in the back seamlessly melts into the rear engine hinged covering. Wrap around taillights and a split rear bumper finish off this iconic shape. 911 R Fuchs wheels are all around and looking good. And for the Porsche aficionados these are without hearts.

All clad with black smooth German leather the buckets in front and small 60/40 fold down rear bench is covered with this as well. Black carpeting is flooding the floors and the original black sporty design dash is present and all clean. The original steering wheel is fronting the dash and on the hump is a simple shift lever within reach of the driver. The canvas top is easily removed and has a headliner on its inside panel. Door panels are nicely shaped and also covered in black.

Crammed in back under the vented curved rear covering is a 134ci flat 6-cylinder engine. It is very clean and nicely detailed, all looking good. It sports (2) 1-barrel carburetors and has the original 5-speed manual transmission on back. A 4.428 final drive spins the rear tires. A stainless-steel exhaust system is on.

All good underneath with no rust and just a bit of patina from age on all surfaces. All wheel independent suspension, dual exhaust, and disc braking on all 4 corners too.

A lovely example that performed flawlessly mechanically and acceleration was fab. The radio was inoperable, as was the heat/air blower, and the high beam switch sticks.

This is it, the holy grail of Porsche Targa 911 Design. Forget all these fancy iterations and modern tech stuffed current models, we're letting it all hang out here right out of 1970 when men were men and…well whatever… But you need to see this version in person and you will be “smitten, mein kleiner Junge”!

911-911 Model
1-911 Targa
2305-Sequential Unit Number

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