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1966 Ford

Mustang Coupe


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Engine Size
302 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

Here at Classic Auto Mall, we find all kinds of creations coming through the door. In fact the famous saying among us Motorhead's is “you never know what's coming through the door!'. This is a perfect example of a modified customized car that has been taken to the next level in power and looks. Gotta love those shade tree tinkerers!

For consignment, a consignor stated, (and it is true), “highly modified”1966 Mustang Coupe. Built with speed in a straight line in mind, we can see some of the mods on the exterior with the big rear wheels and tires, but most of the work is within the confines of the engine bay. Also with safety in mind a roll cage has been added inside along with a custom dash. Boogity Boogity Boogity…lets go racin' boyz !

At initial glance we think we are looking at a mild mannered white painted 2 door Mustang from 1966 and you may say our decoder's favorite thing to say…MEH! However, upon closer inspection, we can see the grill goes naked of the trimmings and galloping pony badge. OK you may say, but I can still see the hockey stick trimmed cove on the sides, bumpers in chrome and trimmed windshield hardtop car I can get from the dealer. To that end I'd reply OH CONTRARE'! The driver's and passenger's side glass has been removed as have the rear roll downs. The rear wheel wells have been massively tubbed to accommodate the 15-inch Centerline Drag Wheels wrapped in 31x18.5 x 15 slightly treaded rubber. On back the triple taillights remain, however the rear roll pan now sports the backup lights in place where the dual exhaust would normally exit. Upfront the suspension has been lowered to give the car the drag racing rake, and on front 1993 Cobra Spares 15-inch polished solid wheels are wrapped in 145/R15's. Large side pipes now exit stage right and left just prior to the rear wells. I now give you a receipt horse!

Inside a 5-point steel pipe roll cage has been added in, the rear seat removed, and now dual racing buckets with harness seat belts keep the driver and reluctant passenger firmly entrenched in the seats. In the center the hump has been greatly expanded and on top is now a B&M shifter. Instrumentation has totally been wiped out and now a flat black vinyl covered panel resides there, with a center mounted brushed stainless steel gauge holder for the instruments which now are simple round gauges. All else has been removed save for the red, white and blue galloping pony badge now in front of the passenger. Mounted on the roll cage staring at the removable wood rimmed steering wheel with drilled spokes, is an Auto-Meter Sport Comp tachometer. Gray carpeting floods the floors and the custom rear former seat area. The trunk where a fuel cell resides along with the battery is sprayed with texture paint looking a lot like trunk liner paint.

The hood now flips forward and reveals a mounted slightly towards the passenger compartment for better weight distribution, 302ci V8. On top is a custom aluminum scooped intake which resides over a Holley 4-barrel carburetor. On the back is a C4 3-speed automatic transmission, and way back is a Ford 9-inch rear with shortened axles. Headers and Cobra ribbed and badged valve coverings are to either side of the carb scoop.

All i can see is wide rear tires! But I digress as there is no rust, custom fabricated tubs and panels which house a competition fuel filter and pump, braided stainless steel lines, coil over shocks, and glass pack style free flow exhaust exiting at the sides. Disc brakes are on front, and drums for the rear, we can note ladder bars added in with the rear coilovers, and independent coilovers for the front.

The MEH guy took her for a spin and indeed it did just that with the rear tires. Neck snapping acceleration, smooth shifting and it will go faster than we wanted to try to go on our test track. Handling was nice, and braking good and solid for where you smoke the competition and you need to throw out the anchor.

An interesting build to say the least, and now able to go fast in a straight line, all looking the 1966 Ford Mustang, brainchild of Lee Iacocca and wildly popular pony now turned thoroughbred racer.

T-Metuchen, NJ Assy Plant
07-2 Door Hardtop
C-289ci V8 2bbl
129091-Sequential Unit Number

BODY 65A-2 Door Hardtop
COLOR R-Ivy Green
TRIM 25-Black Standard Buckets
DATE 16K-October 16th Build Date
DSO 23-Philadelphia
AXLE 6-Ford 8" 2.80 Conventional
TRANS 6-C4 Cruise O Matic

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