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1939 Ford

Deluxe Coupe


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Engine Size
283 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual

1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe

1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe

In the Mid 1930's, Ford Motor Company president Edsel Ford was beginning to worry about the ever-increasing competition from Oldsmobile and Buick. Ford needed a car that offered style, comfort and luxury at a mid-market price, one that could bridge the gap between top of the line Ford models and the ultra-exclusive Lincoln K series. The DeLuxe line of upmarket Fords was introduced for 1938, alongside the Lincoln-Zephyr. These new DeLuxe Fords featured different styling from their standard counterparts, as well as well-equipped cabins with additional luxury features.

For consignment, a “baby Zephyr” in response to the competition offering up very nicely designed cars looking like more high end vehicles. Edsel's response was indeed this car. Its grille was the first hint, and the remainder of the styling gave homage to the higher end offerings of the time. Our consignor's father gave the car to him when he was 15 years old, and he's had it ever since. This 1939 example is beautifully restored and runs to perfection. The power plant has been changed out with a circa 1960 Corvette 283ci V8 engine, 4bbl carburetor and aluminum intake, both from 1970.

The first clue to this excellent design is right up front with those teardrop headlights. These are mounted on the rounded fenders that flank a beautifully restored vertical ribbed grille with a downward sloping V, and a high bulbous hood above. This all Henry Ford metal car is bathed in shiny Taupe color which is nearly flawless, with panels that have well minded gaps. As we scan to the back the long hood eventually runs into the dual panel windscreen wrapped by chrome trimmings. Long doors float effortlessly above rubber covered running boards that eventually turn into another curva-licious fender for the rear. All windows have a beautifully curved design to them, including the split rear glass which is a preview of the curves to come. The window creates the beginning of a trunk lid which gracefully travels downward matching the rear fender and framed by a small thin chromed bumper with a blue painted mid line within it at the bottom. On either side are teardrop taillights. All beautifully restored and utilizing moon cap hubcaps that are flat and cover the entire wheel right up to the edge of the tires which have a thin white wall accenting on all 4 corners.

Ultra smooth and tight tan colored felting and carpeting door panels with some stitching delineating the various panels and providing a background for the nice shiny chromed actuator and window crank. Light and dark mauve colored broadcloth for the bench seat which has a solid back and is padded to rival a couch in your living room. This luxurious seat all fits neatly into a felted covered door panel matching tub. In back of this overstuffed bench, is a storage shelf covered in darker tan carpeting. In keeping with the theme, a metal painted brown dash is original and fully restored to its former glory with nice cream gauges and mirror-like bezels with a peppering of horizontal ribbing. This is all fronted by a brown rimmed by bakelite steering wheel with a banjo styled center all shiny and nice. Aftermarket gauges hang below the dash, as well as a new tachometer gauge attached to the steering column. In front of the passenger is a glovebox with a round art deco styled bezeled clock also in a beautifully aged cream color. It's a wind up clock and still works like well…a clock! The floor is covered with an impervious rubber flooring which presents in black and is very clean. From this floor a beautifully curved shift lever reaches out to the driver and is topped with a cream colored knob. This interior is dripping with an aged look, but like new in its presentation. Lest I forget a kudo to the trunk which is fully restored and is lined in black rubber, has the red painted steel wheel spare, and now the battery is residing here too.

A rise of the V shaped bulbous styled hood reveals a Corvette 283ci V8 from 1960. This codes out as a fuel injected engine, but this was replaced with a 1970 aluminum intake and 4-barrel carb on top. A contemporary styled dual dinner dish air cleaner covering is all shined up in chrome plating and the valve coverings are cast aluminum with Chevrolet badging cast into them. On back is the original but rebuilt 3-speed manual transmission, and a 3.78 rear axle.

Nearly better than showroom, attention to every detail with a like new X frame supporting the black shiny stamped floor pans, body hangers and under running boards. Transverse leaf springs provide the all around suspension, and coming from the engine are the exhaust manifolds which have pipes that snake rearward through glass pack style mufflers and shiny exhaust piping. Drum brakes are all around.

The Corvette V8 fired right up, and the carb fed plenty of performance from my foot to the power train. This car drives as nicely as it looks, and all is functioning very well. A great cruiser with power when you need it, better than the 1939 original. So smooth and steering seemed so light it could have been powered. A beautiful driver with effortless shifting and good solid braking. Only fault the test drive yielded was a non functioning trip odometer.

A wonderful example of the baby Zephyr, the general public never had it so good, with this ability to look like a high roller by spending little money. Edsel was a genius, and this created sales that put Ford back on the map. A 2-door coupe and just what the doctor ordered as to luscious design and line. A winner gracing our hallowed halls.

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