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1923 Ford

T Bucket


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Engine Size
350 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1923 Ford T Bucket

1923 Ford T Bucket

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Grab on to your leather jacket, and comb in a DA on the back of your head, we are goin for a wild ride in this “T” bucket. Aptly named because of the bucket, (passenger compartment), was really the only thing used from the original Ford Model T. This one is fiberglass reproduction and bathed in Nissan Orange with some flake thrown in and shows off a snazzy 350ci V8 with a dyno proven 384 horses for all the world to see, and hear. A definite wild ride experience.

What else but Nissan Orange, (like gleaming gold), would adorn the Total Performance Corp. fiberglass on this unit? A climb in for the passengers to have access to the bucket is needed as look ma, no doors! Old style chromed 12V 7 inch round sealed beam headlights flank the polished surrounded stainless steel radiator. Seen are chromed tie rods, front-end rear chromed radius rods, shiny steering rods, hydraulic shocks, '32 open post mirrors and a chromed Bad Boy air horn. This mixes with, and highlights the orange flake beautifully, and is nearly so bright you'll need Wayfarers. Polished open wheels, (Look MA! No fenders!), courtesy of American Racing and Mickey Thompson are on all 4 corners.

Using the provided step plate to climb inside, we rear ourselves in faux orange/brown ostrich seat fabric which covers the back of the seat as well. A smooth large rounded top vinyl saddle colored bumper is surrounding the tub and makes getting in and out safer, (If you get my drift!). In front a simple dash with white faced Autometer gauges and an adjustable column steering wheel is fronting all this faux ostrich. Black carpeting floods the floors and a long shifter reaches for the driver and has a white ball topper.

That large machined piece of steel parts upfront reads like a who's who of performance parts put together to make some noise and have some fun when you want to get goosey with your boot. Allow me to extrapolate: It starts with a circa '68-'69 performance 350ci small block with a 4 bolt mains. It is kept lubed with a high-volume oil pump and has forged aluminum flat top pistons with 4 valve reliefs, (4.030 bore). On either side are polished aluminum valve coverings and on top is a gasser style shotgun comp scoop that uses a paper filter for clean cool air to enter the mill. There is a polished aluminum manifold. The mill is fed by (2) 500CFM Edelbrock Carbs which have stainless lines running from the 10 gallon tank via a Holley mechanical fuel pump. Under the scoop and carbs is a Weiand 6-71 Supercharger with an Aklydigger blower belt guard. Ignition is a programmable MSD 6AL-2 system. Seen on either side which you cannot miss are SB Classic Chevy headers with slip over 20 inch extensions, all Jet coated by Bonehead Performance. All this energy runs to the rear tires via a Turbo 350 3 speed automatic with a C-8 torque converter, and a Currie 4:10.1 limited slip differential Ford 8 inch rear axle. In other words, both tires will smoke when pushed! WOW is what you see, and WOW WOW is what you'll get.

No rust here just plenty of chrome steel tube. Chromed suspension parts up front are showing nicely. Otherwise Nissan Orange flaked painted steel provides the structure for the bucket, and shows no rust whatsoever. Transverse leaf springs for the front suspension with disc brakes, and for the back 4 link with coil overs and drums for the brakes.

This baby rocks for the test drive and if you take someone with you it is highly recommended you have them don a diaper and bring an air distress bag just in case you don't want to soil the ostrich! Actually, it ran fab and with all those above engine specs can rack off for the whole neighborhood.

Just a beautiful and technically sound build with great paint, gobs of chrome, special wheels, fiberglass tub and the ostrich is to die for. That wonderfully put together mill in front does not hurt either. This is definitely the T bucket to end all other T buckets. Hand me a cigarette from your white cloth beater sleeve, and slow it down a bit, my DA is coming undone!

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