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1978 Cadillac

Eldorado Coupe


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Engine Size
425 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1978 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe

1978 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe

Let's look into the loving lumbering sign of success on the big Cadillac Eldorado, and some of its interesting facts….1: The Cadillac Eldorado was the first American car with quad headlamps, 2: It was once one of the most expensive and opulent cars in the world…even costing more than the comparable year Rolls Royce, 3: It was the only American convertible available for 8 years, 4: It had the largest ever production V8 engine, a displacement of 500ci! And it was front wheel drive…so successful as a matter of fact that Hotwheels even included a custom Eldorado in their first year lineup.

For consignment, a low mileage, (43,493 original miles), like new car which was lovingly owned and cared for by our consigner. A new fresh white respray, and new vinyl padded top, this car has not missed an inspection in its history. Throw in a front wheel drive 425ci V8 and all the comforts of a luxury liner, big leather covered seats, and you are in a skate with class and livin' large.

Gas crisis? We don't need no stinking gas crisis, we will build it even bigger, and allow it to drive on regular gas!!! This straight steel slabbed sided car, which pays very close attention to its gaps and pampers its chrome trimmings is definitely going to be the belle of the ball. A V shaped massive grille with matching hood atop, dual headlights on either side and cathedral turn signal and cornering lights at the front and rear edges, you are driving around in a 3-bedroom apartment on wheels. Trimmings for the wheel well surrounds, rockers and a fine trim spear in mid-section with bumped out rear quarter, this car bleeds class. A pristine white padded vinyl top covering the B pillar, allows your famous passengers to remain anonymous while they are whisked down the superhighways and byways of the country. Cotillion White respray is in factory-like condition covering all these steel panels and it is barely scratched or marred, and certainly with no rust. Badging all looks great, and big dish wheel covers cover thin whites all around. Bringing up the rear are sleek sloped thin vertical taillights, which are cradled below by a curving upward bumper, and more parking lighten within this bumper. Just beautiful.

A swing of the door and it's a lot like opening a well-balanced safe door! Heavy, but easy to do. On the doors are power controls, wiper switches, chromed panels, white molded vinyl, deep red carpet along with trimmed wood appliqué panels. Inside dual wide white leather buckets, the front being split and rear solid, showing very slightly detectable wear, tufted and buttoned inserts, finely aged leather looking fab. These sport plenty of power adjustments and have a fold down center armrest. The standard square and rectangle dash courtesy GM is in front, it utilizes deep red and wood appliqué intermixing for its finishes. Said dash has the trappings of a high optioned car in the form of auto dimming headlights, cruise control, climate control, AM/FM/stereo, A/C, power steering, power brakes, and all very clean. Red thick pile pristine carpet floods the floors, and a tight white headliner is above all this pampering. Look ma no hump! Its front wheel drive so spread those legs if you wish!

A 425ci V8, which is original to the car, is very clean and neatly slipped into a full on original condition engine bay. It's topped with a 4-barrel carburetor and backed up by a TH425 3-speed automatic transmission. On front, is a 2.73 drive axle configuration. All is very well maintained and shows with slight dusting overall.

Some slight patina underneath, but mostly straight rust free steel structure for the floor pans, toe kicks and rockers as well as the framework. With front wheel drive, it's really very simple, clean, never ending panels due to no driveshaft interruptions. Torsion bar front suspension, and 4 link with coil spring rear suspension provide the beautiful smooth ride, and for stopping this car utilizes power disc brakes for all 4 corners.

She started with a turn of the key, and ran beautifully. A smooooooth cruise, good tight steering and straight braking. With the 425 cubes being force fed by a 4bbl carb it does not take too much time to get to cruising speed, and the transmission shifts smoothly on the way there. All functions were working beautifully save for the clock.

Like a new fallen snow, this example of steel luxury and styling from 1978 when cars were built for status and your standing within it was measured by the inch. Great shape all over, a nice example of big car style, all buttoned up under the laurel wreath and crest sprung hood ornament. Imagine the looks at the country club when you pull up in this long drink of water.

47-2 Door Hardtop
S-425ci V8 180hp
Q-Detroit, MI Assy Plant
112603-Sequential Unit Number

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