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1979 Ford

Mustang Hatchback


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Engine Size
347ci V8 Stroker
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1979 Ford Mustang Hatchback

1979 Ford Mustang Hatchback

Pro Street is a style of street-legal custom car popular in the 1980s, usually built to imitate a Pro Stock class race car. Pro Street cars should appear to be more at home on the drag strip than the street, while remaining street legal and not gutted like a racecar or bracket car. Typically called a back half car (tubbed).

For consignment, a special interest category car, that being a pro street configured car. Yes, the car is street legal, however it is set up to imitate the actual pro stock race car. Our example, a 1979 Mustang Hatchback, has a fade effect from white to blue paint job, and a full workout muscled power plant. It retains its original form however has been tubbed, jacked up, and is looking all the pro stock part.

Starting with a stock 1979 Ford Mustang hatchback, a large scooped fiberglass molded hood complete with gauges facing the driver through the windshield is now installed. The front of the car has been retrofitted from its stock 4 eyed look to the 1987-1993 aero nose and is bathed in white paint. Hood pinning is now the norm, and the hood begins the deep zig zag pattern to blue and when away from this car gives the illusion of a fade from white to blue. This completes the transition at the back of the front quarters and then moves to total blue. Door gaps are good, and the rear triangular glass has been etched with a Native American theme and scene. On back, the hatchback is fitted with a Saleen style rear spoiler stating the obvious…blue thunder. We see more 1987-1993 aero conversion on the back in the form of the rear tail lighting which shows some sun damage and cracking on the rear warning lighting. It ends there though for normalcy as there is a parachute attached to the rear bumper, and just below is a wheelie bar. The paint job also includes several pinstriped flourishes along with feathers and arrowheads in keeping with the Native American theme. 15-inch Centerline wheels are all around and in front are wrapped with 155/80R15 rubber and on back just “slightly” wider 31x18.50R15's.

A swing of the doors and the panels have been modified just a bit retaining original black smooth vinyl and black carpeting. A custom blue and white insert zig zag pattern with a white galloping steed is screened on to the blue section of this panel. Inside nicely sculpted two tone blue and black velour broadcloth racing styled buckets courtesy of APC with racing belts are in front. These have larger supporting bolsters for extra grab on the body. A roll bar is just behind the buckets and all supports are aft of the front seating, so there is easy in and out. For the dash, it has been modified for racing so we can still see the original speedometer, climate controls and other stock Ford gauges within a black field. Several gauges have been removed and replaced with toggles and lights, and more aftermarket gauges including a large shift light tachometer is on the steering column which has a Grant rally style steering wheel on top. Toggles below the temp sliders, and voltmeter just below. Also on the driver's a pillar are more gauges showing other vital functions. This is in addition to the trans temp, oil temp, fuel pressure, and vacuum gauges affixed outside in front of the driver on the hood. Within the console, which remains, is a T styled B&M shifter, MSD ignition dial, and dual MSD ignition boxes on the passenger's toe kick area. There is a fire extinguisher here as well. The back seat has been removed to accommodate the roll cage struts, as well as some custom billet style laser cut NOS bottle holders. Note these are for show only and do not function. The entire rear area I'm speaking about is covered in black carpeting. A slightly faded padded fuzzy headliner in broadcloth covering which is seamless hovers above.

Under the front flipping hood, a 347ci Ford V8 stroker is sitting loud and proud. It has a tunnel ram Intake and dual 4-barrel Holley carbs to force the fossils and air down its V8 throat. A C4 3-speed automatic transmission is on back and a Ford 9-inch rear completes the drivetrain. Also noted are headers, and high voltage yellow plug wiring, ribbed, cast valve covers, stainless braided fuel lines with extra chromed polished parts and a dual electric fan which is very “cool” to say the least!

More stainless braided tubing, a new fuel cell, some ladder bars with coil overs are on back to make those large rears grab the pavement. Slight surface rust is noted behind the rear wheel wells underneath, and also just a bit on the floor pans and rockers. All sound though and no rust damage. Disc brakes for the front and drums for the back are on.

My decoder drove this beauty, and loved every minute of it. He proclaimed that it has plenty of power, a quick launch, smooth shifting, and he felt very safe tucked inside the roll cage. The seats show some wear through to the padding, and the nitrous bottles are for show only, although there is a dedicated panel to drivers for its operation, it is just not hooked up to the mill!

A pro streeter, snappy paint, hood scoop and more gauges than one can shake a stick at. A modest Ford Mustang Hatchback now a growler and prowler ready to show you the lights (tail lights) if you so dare to challenge.

F-Dearborn, MI Assy Plant
05-2 Door Hatchback Ghia
Z-2.8L V6
345392-Sequential Unit Number

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