1953 Chevrolet



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4 Speed Manual

1953 Chevrolet Pickup

Chevrolet's radically different 1947 Advance Design light-duty trucks represented a sea of changes in pick-up truck design and appearance.
The nation was entering the exciting post World War II era, and after four long years of war, the American people, especially the veterans, were looking forward to new opportunities in the world's greatest country.
There was no better way to put the past behind them and to look to the future than with new lines of America's favorite form of transportation: cars and light trucks. Post-war automobiles followed a little more than a year after the new trucks.
1953 Last year for the 216ci engine. Hood front emblem were now stainless steel and hood side emblems lost the Chevrolet insignia but keep the series numbers (3100, 3600, etc.) 1953 was the first year a side-mounted spare was offered as an option and rear bumper were reintroduced. It was the last year for wood blocks under bed.

What an eye-catching truck, the paint color and the finish are just breath taking. This is definitely a very high-end restoration showing only 1,409 miles with everything straight and right on the money. The interior with a black vinyl seat and in the correct material and charcoal door panels accent the rest of the truck. This 1953 is the highly sought after 5 window cab model and still retains its original 216ci engine and a 4-speed manual transmission, but has been upgraded to 12-volt system, and the generator is replaced with an alternator. If you have been looking for a truck of this era, this one is for you.

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