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1974 Sebring Vanguard

Citicar SV-36

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1974 Sebring Vanguard Citicar SV-36

1974 Sebring Vanguard Citicar SV-36


Even in its heyday, the Citicar wasn't exactly attractive or exciting to drive. Its speed topped out below 40 miles per hour. Mostly the brainchild of Ron Gremban, who headed research and development of the Sebring Vanguard Citicar. Ron has been an EV activist since the late 1960s when, as a Caltech student, he drove an electric car from Pasadena to Boston on a nine-day journey to promote the viability of the technology. In the early 1970s, in the wake of the Arab oil embargo, Gremban joined the Citicar team.

When people think of electric cars as glorified golf carts, the CitiCar may be what they have in mind. Brought out in the mid-1970s, during the height of the oil crisis, the CitiCar could top 30 mph and had a reliable range of 40 miles — in warm weather. The cars were priced to be competitive with the Volkswagen Beetle, and by 1975, Vanguard-Sebring was somehow the sixth largest automaker in the U.S. But the tiny, tinny CitiCar suffered due to safety concerns — it had all the crumple resistance of a beer can. And it's all here for consignment at Classic Auto Mall.

A fiberglass wedge, painted tan with a black top graces our presence. Some cracking of the fiberglass is noted on the lower sections in the corners of this car. No roll up glass for this car, plastic inserts (currently not with this car) make the cabin weatherproof. Some exterior lighting covers are missing, and all wheels show excessive surface rust.

Not unlike a nuclear power plant, the dash has meters, gauges, lights and switches and all in simple black vinyl single panel. Large high back vinyl seats that have begun to rot away are within this in the small compartment. The fiberglass floors have begun to delaminate and any coverings on them are fully involved in the dry rot process.

A 36V (badged as a 48V?) electric motor powers this car and currently is not known if it is operating due to no batteries inserted. It is a direct gear driven Terell 7.125 reduction setup to go forward and backwards.

Aluminum rectangular bar frame shows corrosion but no rust. Floor pans are undercoated and not rusted. Surface rust is seen on all other surfaces. Leaf springs on all 4 corners provide ample smooth riding and disc brakes are on front, and drums for the rear.

In response to the gas crisis of the Mid 1970's several inventive minds blazed a trail to have a car with a non internal combustion engine and running on rechargeable batteries. Small and impractical as to range and speed, you could go without stopping at the pump though. This technology was a precursor to the modern day hybrid cars and all electric versions which seem to advance daily as to range and battery storage capacity. Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor with a piece of non fossil burning history in barnfind condition (does not run).


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