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2006 Rolls-Royce



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Engine Size
6.75L V12
Transmission Type
6 Speed Automatic

2006 Rolls-Royce Phantom

2006 Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls-Royce has an overwhelming edge over the Mercedes product. It's assuredly, with only a faint tip of the hat to Ferrari, the most famous brand of automobile in the world. It's doubtful, on the other hand, that even 1% of the Canadian population would have even the remotest clue what a Maybach is. Throw in a body style that remains faithful to the Rollers of the past, that cozy-as-a-fire interior and a ride that is literally like wafting along on a cloud and it becomes obvious why Phantom ownership, even to the mega-rich, is an experience to be savored.

For consignment a low mileage 2006 Rolls Royce Phantom. With a mere 35,204 original miles clocked on it, now presenting as a like new motorcar, and piles on the luxury and size doing so. This model year takes on a futuristic simplified look all the while offering up performance that no one would expect a car of such girth and size to even be able to think of performing. Our example has a gorgeous interior, sexy exterior color and of course the iconic grille for the front leading the way and announcing your arrival loudly!

A luxurious freight train would best describe this car. With its boxy design front end with smaller aero designed head lighting, and a round deep embedded signal running light just below, these pale in comparison to the big vertically ribbed grille and “radiator” surround, complete with the flying lady hood ornament. The car is actually simply designed with little to no embellishments, just tasteful shiny window trimmings, door handles and badging. Part of the 260 hours it takes to build one of these liners, was put into perfectly fitting steel sides and panels, then this was all bathed in Silver Sand Metallic Paint which is in excellent condition. A touching each other pair of sculpted door handles share the B pillar as their latching point, and offer up plenty of legroom for all, but particularly the rear seat occupants. A sunroof is within the top and in back a massive trunk that will hold all your trinkets and goodies you obtain on your next trip. Big 21 inch chrome wheels are wrapped in very nice rubber.

A very simply designed interior but with many surfaces that correspond with each other to create an environment fit for a king is seen inside the passenger compartment. Seashell, (off white), leather makes up the door panels, covers the seats, and the lower part of the dash. Beautiful tuck and roll insert with smooth bolsters and some black piping added in. Each interior is custom made to order and contains at least 15 to 18 different hides of various textures to make up the front and rear seating. Speaking of the rear bench there is plenty of room for the rear passengers unless your job is to guard the “round mound of rebound” in the paint, you too will have plenty of legroom. Sitting in this wonderful luxurious leather seating, we can take a moment to gaze at the hand crafted dash made from any wood the customer desires. Our example utilizes several exotic tree woods, which have been laminated and built up to be eventually lacquered and polished to an ever present shine. This wood accenting can be seen peppering the entire interior, but the major concentration of it is on the dash. Beautiful clean gauges, round knobs and various levers are covered in the English Walnut Burl, and is even seen making an appearance on the spokes of the steering wheel. Chromed eyeball shaped AC/heat vents are inserted and all power and climate controls are well within reach of the passenger or driver. Charcoal gray Wilton carpeting is on all the floors, and I just want to remove my Wallies and crinkle my toes in this wonderful padded surface! Noted, a nice secret compartment is within the padded console and it houses the power controls for the seats mirrors and windows. Several display screens are available for the rear passengers and are embedded within the backs of the front buckets. As well, a pullout refrigerator drawer that magically appears from under the midsection of the rear bench. I'll have sparkling water please me luv!

Under the long bonnet is a 6.75 Liter V12 engine that can pump out 453 horses. It sports EFI and a 6-speed automatic transmission on the back. The rear axle weighs in at 3.46 ratio. You are gazing into an engine bay that shows no corrosion and very little dirt or patina. It's excellent shall we say.

A stainless steel exhaust snakes its way rearward from the V12 and travels through many different rust free surfaces on its way to a dual rear exit. Very sound structurally, and cast aluminum suspension which includes fully independent type with air struts on all 4 corners. Power disc brakes are also on all around.

Don't be fooled by this car and its size, it is every bit as nimble as your expensive sports car, and then some. On the test track she accelerated with ease and can easily reach over 135mph and stay there all day if needed, traffic conditions permitting. Handling is like its on rails, and save for the angst it may cause and some sweating for the rear passengers whilst doing so, this car can take last second evasive action and not even break a sweat. It also stops on a silver dollar, which you can then pick up and place it on the engine just to check how smooth that V12 idles and runs. All functions were in working order, and this car is a knockout.

For those who can shell out the pounds to own one, it is definitely worth it. What appears to be a car your grandmother would drive, can quickly change your mind with its performance, handling and acceleration. Plus you'll have plenty of luxury to surround yourself in, all in handmade craftsmanship fashion. That's what you are paying for.

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