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1929 Graham Paige

615 Series Sedan


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Engine Size
224i L-Head 6 Cylinder
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1929 Graham Paige 615 Series Sedan

1929 Graham Paige 615 Series Sedan


The Graham-Paige introduced in 1928 carried a metal radiator emblem, designed by the monument sculptor, Lorado Taft, showing the three Graham brothers in profile wearing Roman soldier helmets and chainmail vests. This emblem design was meant to represent the principles of integrity, honor and loyalty.

For consignment, an amazing barn find which has been in the same family for 90 years. It has also been in the same barn since it was driven there and parked since 1963. Recently the current consigner exhumed it from its sleep in this barn and did work to get it to the point where the engine turns over by hand, but it will need some extra TLC and wrenching to have it running again. It will also need some work to fine tune it, as well as exterior paint, some other cosmetics, and rear glass. The interior is original mohair and could use a refreshing or just a good cleaning but certainly is currently in usable condition.

Steel panels on for this body show amazingly with no rust, just a primer coating. Panels are fairly straight and have nicely minded gaps. Black exterior fenders and running boards are attached to either side and have some slight rust on their undersides where the tires have kicked up road dirt and water. The current chromed radiator surround has been peppered with rust dimpling all around and has a basic cap covering it. In front is a “corn cob styled grille with vertical rods holding wavy horizontal flat pieces in place creating the look of the corn cob. The trio of Graham brothers are attached to the badge in front, and below is a dual bar slightly curved bumper that has invasive rust. A single headlight is floating on either side and is attached to each fender via a chromed bar. Metal vented cowled hood is affixed and runs to the passenger box. Doors, (front and rear), share a common pillar and are hinged in the center of the car. The running board below has an actual piece of wood attached which we shall investigate further on the Undercarriage section of this description. A faded black canvas top is held on with herring strips underneath, and based on the condition of the headliner inside, one can assume it leaks a bit. The back section of this car is all steel and has a fairly large dent in the passenger upper corner. The rear glass is missing, although the frame is in the car. Another dual curved rear bumper is split in the middle to allow for the mounting of the spare tire, shows a fair amount of rust involvement, and it is next to the gas tank just above. A nifty single brothers head trio embossed tail light is on a long stalk with the state plate mounting below. 19-inch wood spoked wheels are in need of some restoration but still solid with no rotting.

If you are fancying some mohair, this car has it in the interior in spades. Brown door panels made of mohair, some have rips and tears, all have silver cast cranks and pulls. Stepping over the threshold we find dual curved benches which resemble what might have been a couch in your grandparents' parlor. These are also brown mohair, have overstuffed tuck and roll with buttons on their surfaces and some material is sagging a bit in places with a few holes throughout. All other panels are covered in more brown mohair and some nice armrests reside on either side of the rear bench. Shades for the rear windows and a winged turn crank for the rear glass is on either side. Black rubber flooring is on front and gray carpeting is reserved for the passengers in the back. The dash and steering wheel are all original. The steering wheel is black bakelite with 4 spokes also in bakelite, and the black faded painted steel dash behind this wheel has a horizontal somewhat shiny panel which houses the square gauges. A long shifter and handbrake are rising from the floor where a cast plate is protecting the floor around said levers. The headliner is brown mohair and shows some damage where sections are missing and is stained, as well as the wood lath underneath is exposed. Under the dash a heater box is also noted.

Under the cowled hood is a restored cosmetically 224ci L head inline 6-cylinder engine. It has a 1-barrel carburetor on top, and a 4-speed manual transmission on back. The block and head are painted in black and rust-free bolt ons are seen throughout along with some supple hoses and belts which appear fairly recently installed, possibly in the attempt to have this engine running. However right now it will crank by hand, so there is motion, just not produced from power generated on its own.

Somewhat heavy surface rust is attaching itself to most of the frame and drivetrain/suspension parts. Floorboards are not rusted and body hangers are slightly rusted but holding on tightly to the wood running boards (literally!). Drum brakes are on all 4 corners and as noted earlier and confirmed underneath, surface rust on the fender's undersides. Leaf spring suspension keeps it simple, and a 3.92 rear axle ratio is seen with surface rust.

The engine will crank by hand but will not start, and the original ignition key comes with this car. You are nearly there!

Let's call it some good bones for this car, structurally sound, but body and interior need work, as well as the engine to be tuned up and get 'er going again. No rust on the body, and surface rust underneath.


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