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1952 Chevrolet



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Engine Size
235 I6
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual

1952 Chevrolet Pickup

1952 Chevrolet Pickup

“Advanced Design” 3100 pickups hit 147,756 such units produced for the 1952 model year, making the half-ton pickups far and away the most popular Chevrolet commercial vehicle that year. A war-weary and truck-starved public was waiting when Chevrolet introduced its redesigned truck lineup in 1947. The new models were a big departure — literally — from the previous generation. The welded cabs — not bolted together — were a whopping eight inches wider and seven inches longer and had adjustable bench seating for three across. The higher and wider cab doors were more user friendly, and the bigger windows and windshield gave much greater visibility than ever before.

For consignment, a beautifully restored example of the 1952 Chevrolet 3100 half ton pickup. With a higher power engine than stock, an Offenhauser dual intake with NOS carbs, and Offenhauser valve coverings, 12-volt electrics and just a beautifully appearing much like the showroom example that drove out into the world in 1952. A 5-window version with a new bed lined in oak and completely chromed steel wheels, not only can you haul the goods, but you'll look great doing it!

Frankly I'm green with envy on this creation with its rounded fenders, under the door running boards, bulbous hood and wide chrome horizontal ribbed grille it can show up in style to the country club and no one will barely notice it's a truck! Round single headlights with chrome bezels are fronting the front rounded fenders and just a few scratches are keeping it from being perfect. The simple gently curved front bumper frames the bottom and on the front of the hood is a near perfect Chevrolet badge. The hood backs up to a split window front glass, and speaking of which, this cab offers up 5 windows for that panoramic view from the driver's seat…no blind spots here! Round side view chromed mirrors on long stalks jut outward from the fronts of each straight rust-free steel door that swing like safe doors, very smoothly with well minded gaps. Just a little bit of paint chip off is seen on the seams but mostly unremarkable considering the remainder of the body work and paint condition. All dipped in beauteous green and showing off some black painted running boards with a bowtie cast in metal foot plate that connect the fenders. The running boards go back just far enough to allow easy access to the bed, much like a step side model would do. On back rounded fenders frame those beautifully chromed steel wheels and seamlessly attach to the straight sides of the bed. A bed, in which new oak planks have been installed, have black dividers in metal to shore them up to the frame. On back is a shaded light green embossed pressed in the metal CHEVROLET lettering and some extra artwork proclaiming getting your kicks on Route 66…snazzy! On below this gate is another wide gently curving pristine bumper and a tow hitch.

A swing of the doors and what to my wandering eyes does appear?? Well overstuffed vertically oriented and pleated and stitched black door panels and a sewn arm rest. Shiny handles are within this tastefully bumpy textural field, and a green metal bottom frames the doors nicely below. Inside more shiny black overstuffed pleated ribbed vinyl covering the interior bench seat. This floats in a bulletproof sea of rubber flooring so you won't fret when your muddy boots mess it up. Upfront a large black bakelite steering wheel with 3 spokes in the middle fronts a perfectly restored dash which is painted in body matching green. In front of the driver are 2 original gauges, one for the speedometer and the other has a cluster of quarter round black faced and white lettered gauges for fuel, battery, oil pressure and water temp. On the column is a small aftermarket tachometer just large enough to read but still small enough as to not obscure the speedometer. As we scan across the dash plenty of horizontal ribbed chrome embellishes the dash with a peppering of chromed knobs and pulls. Above is a vintage style digital radio plopped right in the center of this wonderful dash. In front of the passenger, the ribbing continues as a covering for the glovebox. Below a heater box is noted, and up top for the headliner is a solid smooth off white that is mounted up there with chromed strips.

Under the hood resides some mechanical jewelry in the form of an inline 235ci 6-cylinder engine. There are dual 1-barrel carbs which attach to the Offenhauser intake manifold and these are topped with small round chrome air filter coverings. A cast ribbed aluminum Offenhauser valve covering runs the length and tops a blue painted engine block with new wiring now 12 volt. Keeping everything cool upfront is a new aluminum radiator.

A split exhaust manifold leads to custom dual pipes which exhale through cherry bomb mufflers and chrome tipped pipes just prior to the rear of the truck. All else is looking rust free, structurally sound, and very nice for this restoration. Leaf springs and drum brakes are on all 4 corners and the bed lining wood underneath is in very good condition.

One has to adore tuck and roll and this interior has plenty of that, and chrome ribbing, so there is plenty to be enamored with. It fired right up and off to the test track where it had nice smooth acceleration, shifted effortlessly, and stopped on a dime. All functions were working as they should, and it is definitely a head turner. But it drives like a truck!

With such a wonderful job done on the restoration, it's no wonder why it is difficult to just call it a truck. Our consignor states it “Runs Like A Bear”, I can confirm that, and I can also say under all the makeup and lipstick is a humble work vehicle that just happens to be all dressed up for the prom. Back in the day a truck was a truck and it drives like a truck did in the 1950's which is what makes it a classic that has won plenty of first place truck awards (20!), and a best in show.

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