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1994 Mitsubishi

3000GT VR4


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Engine Size
3.0L 6G72 TT
Transmission Type
6 Speed Manual

1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

“What Mitsubishi set out to do was to cram every bit of high-tech gadgetry available into its 2 plus 2 3000GT, making it one of the most advanced sports cars on the planet." Despite its credentials, the 3000GT can trace its lineage to a little-known car called the Starion. A rear-wheel drive car, the Starion, was initially conceived as competition for the Nissan Z cars of the 1980's. The Starion when released was a technological wonder for its day and sent many rivals back to the drawing board to create turbo cars for their line-ups. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so when Mitsubishi began planning for the car that would become the company's replacement for the Starion, they literally started with a clean sheet of paper.

For consignment a 2 owner all original low original mileage sport scar. Possessing technology within that would make the grade in cars of an era say to 2016, this technologically advanced machine was literally a 1 owner car prior to its purchase by a collector in 2017. It has original paint, a comfortable interior, and of course all that motoring technology to go with it. This car is 1 of 155 produced in this color and trim for the 1994 model year.

Original factory Martinique Pearl Yellow drapes this nearly perfect car and is seen throughout the exterior. Just a few chip offs are noted, and the front lower bumper has a few scuffles with a parking lot curb. Painted badging in gray is seen on the rear. It is in the Japanese badging version showing the letters GTO. The consigner states they have the new 3000GT badge and it will come with the car. A rounded nose molds the neoprene bumper which sports running lights some aero fins within the grille, and side intake air venting. Headlights ahead of their time in the form of projector type fog lights and halogen headlamps are present and hide under clear plastic covers. A coke bottle design with wider quarters than the doors all gaps are well minded. Just behind the doors is more intake venting, and on the back deck is a permanently mounted fixed spoiler. On top, a full roof sunroof can be flipped up to increase airflow into the cabin. All exterior glass is scratch free and in good condition and is all surrounded by black trimmings. 17 inch highly polished wheels are wrapped in 245/45R17's on all 4 corners.

Racetrack inspired curves make up the molded plastic door panels which house the window and lock toggles and a large speaker. A vented white vinyl panel is inserted just below the sill and is a hint of what you'll see in the interior. Speaking of which, Ivory leather wraps the two overstuffed front buckets which show power adjustments on the driver's side seat. For the rear a tubbed 2 plus 2 rear bench is in back and does not afford the most room, but is comfy to sit in. Mitsubishi Infinity audio is controllable from the leather wrapped tilt-able steering wheel. A CD changer is located conveniently behind the passenger's seat. The signature of this car is the full time four wheel drive, four wheel steering, and active aero mode. Very clean taupe colored lighter carpeting is seen on the floors.

A 3.0 Liter 6G72 TT 24 valve EFI 6-cylinder engine fitted with twin turbos that are intercooler equipped, paired with a W6MG1 6-speed manual transmission allow this car to be a rocket ship! On the axles power pulses through a 3.87 final drive. Noted, lifters have been changed from a 1mm oil hole to a 3mm oil hole to rectify an original design flaw.

A nice gray patina covers all surfaces underneath. Just a hint or two of some surface rust, but not on structural parts. Fairly simple under here as it has been left mostly blank to aid in the aero package. For handling we see MacPherson front struts, and on back coil springs with trailing arms. Power disc brakes on all 4 corners harness all that power and bring it to a fast stop.

This all working, nicely preserved early Japanese techno car fired right up and worked like a charm. Fast acceleration once you get by the turbo lag, great handling and smooth shifting. Braking was bias free on the panic stop test. All was very comfortable and exhibited nice ergonomically design for this driver.

A rare, 2 owner original, not torn up by a person from a younger generation, rocket ship. Original paint, engine, and interior. Just press the gas and add a smile to your face in reaction to that press!

3-Passenger Car
A-Manual Belts, Front Airbags
N-3000 GT VR4
K-3.0L V6 Twin Turbo
0-Check Digit
Y-Nagoya, Japan Assy Plant
038190-Sequential Unit Number

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