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1955 Chevrolet

Bel Air 2-Door Hardtop


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Engine Size
265 V8
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-Door Hardtop

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop

When the 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air arrived, Chevrolet enjoyed an all-new image practically overnight. Rather than a car driven mainly by dads and aunts, the sensationally redesigned "Motoramic" models quickly gained a reputation as "The Hot Ones". In this landmark year, Chevy finally had a bold response to Ford in the performance battle: a lively 265 cubic inch V-8 that would nurture a whole generation of muscular engines. Better yet, that V8 was slipped into a fresh, contemporary body sporting a rakish beltline dip and a Ferrari-inspired grille. Chief engineer Edward N. Cole earned credit for Chevrolet's first V8 in 35 years. Simple in construction and economical to build, the 265 cubic inch Turbo-Fire was a model of efficiency.

For consignment the first year of the Tri Five craze coming to life in our South Hall (subject to change!) of the Classic Auto Mall. Undergoing an extensive frame off restoration in 2006, it still retains its spit shine and beauty in rust free steel panels, beautiful two-tone paint broken up by a belt line dip, and plenty of other chrome. A solid power plant, beautiful interior, and nicely done all over are just a few of this star's shining features. A car definitely on the “specials” list at the local drive-in grease pit.

Starting up front with its simple egg crate grille with shiny mirror like bumper on bottom, and single chrome bezeled headlight on either side with an oval turn signal below. The beginnings remain simple on the embellishment front. Screaming 1950's Regal Turquoise covers the front around this chrome, the hood, front quarters, doors and lower half of the rear quarter. This paint is very deep, and one can become mesmerized with its quality. A chrome trim spear mid-section of the front quarter runs rearward through the door where it comes to an abrupt halt. With its starting point on the total surround of the passenger compartment, a chrome trim piece works its way past the door sills, then heads downward towards the mid rear quarter, where it is met with another mid spear which takes us to the back of the car. This part is bathed in India Ivory which is also in very nice condition. This spear combo is the delineation between the blue, and ivory, which covers the roof, and trunk deck as well as the back of this car. A side view will give you a hint of the design that created the craze with these car's introductions, showing curved front and rear glass, all surrounded by chrome trimmings. On back, are simple lamplighter style taillights, a large cloisonné badge, and another beautiful bumper with dual pipes hedging a look out of the bottom of this beautiful creation. On all corners are shiny dog dish bow tie badged wheel covers all wrapped up in medium white wall 205/75R15's

Moving inside starting with the door panels, and let's just say the hits just keep on coming!! Using white stitched turquoise vinyl and more ivory colored vinyl which all mixes together with more swoop spear-esque styling trim, the door panels emulate the exterior design. Tuck and roll stitched panels for the mid sections, and a thin strip of turquoise vinyl below. Slipping on to the 50's styled bench, also in turquoise vinyl bolsters and bamboo patterned tan broadcloth inserts, this split bench stretches from door to door. The consigner notes this seat has been moved back 2 inches for just a bit more of belly room. A rear bench presenting in the same fashion is in back and there is plenty of room for a romper room back there. Fronting this is a dual fan dash with the gauge cluster on the driver's side and round clock below on the passenger's side. This dash has been completely restored to original and uses turquoise sprayed metal with a nifty shiny band of punched pattern bow tie logos running through the center. More turquoise below and shiny knobs, ignition and temp sliders are seen here. Below is a thick pile, clean, turquoise carpet which is pristine, and it is flooding all the floors. Above is a tight white vinyl headliner complete with chromed ribbing between the ceiling panels. Also, a big shout out to the trunk, which is not to be outdone by the customized interior, it sports black rubber covering straight as arrows panels, and an original spare tire.

Within the restored engine bay is a GM orange/red sprayed engine block and valve covers, is plopped in and is a correct 265ci V8. All surfaces have been restored and are simply eye catching. In fact, it's hard to look away! Pristine bolt on parts abounds under this hood, and all is looking quite like new in the showroom finishes. On the back is a two speed Powerglide automatic transmission which throws power back to a 3.55 rear axle.

Let's stick to the theme of stunner underneath, with no rust solid frame, body hangers, and floor pans. Throw in some pristine dual exhaust, a new fuel tank, and a drip free bottom end of the engine, and we are in show car heaven. Independent coil springs and leaf springs make up the front and rear suspension, and power drum brakes are on all 4 corners.

A turn of the keyed ignition and all 8 are fired up and ready for the test track. This car is a screamer with plenty of power, good braking, excellent handling, and a smooth cruise. All the controls were working like a charm. I'm ready for my drive-in experience. Throw 6 people in the trunk and let them get through the gate and pop open the case of beer we brought too.

We have several examples of the Tri Five cars here at Classic Auto Mall, and this one certainly should be on your must see list, if indeed you fancy these bow tie years. Well done on every aspect, a visual piece of eye candy, and mechanically a turnkey car ready to go and show. Talk about attracting attention, and it will not even have to leave your driveway. All in a 1955 paint scheme, and plenty of added trimmings, it could also rest in the center of your holiday table. It is that juicy! (but you've better have that approved by your other half first…)

C-2400 Series BelAir
K-Kansas City, MO Assy Plant
030305-Sequential Unit Number

STYLE NO 55 1037D-1955 BelAir 2 Door Hardtop
BODY NO S29237-St. Louis Body #
TRIM NO 522-Beige & Turquoise Cloth & Vinyl
PAINT NO 612-India Ivory & Regal Turquoise
EZI-Tinted Glass All

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