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1966 Oldsmobile

Toronado Deluxe


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Engine Size
425 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1966 Oldsmobile Toronado Deluxe

1966 Oldsmobile Toronado Deluxe

The year 1966 was ground zero for both engineering and styling at General Motors. While platforms were certainly shared across brands, each individual marketing division maintained its originality and provided true Pontiacs to Pontiac customers, true Buicks to Buick customers. Each division had its own engineering department that was charged with developing worldwide standards in automotive technologies. The styling was as good as it ever was or would be from a major automotive manufacturer. From the most introductory loss-leader economy car to full-boat luxury, General Motors had a car you could be proud to have parked in your driveway.

And then there was the Toronado….

If you boiled down all of General Motors and distilled one vehicle from the massive concoction of engineering prowess, daring styling and outlandish marketing, it would be Oldsmobile's 1966 Toronado. It is, arguably, the most ground-breaking automobile ever mass-produced by an American manufacturer, before or since. It is an engineering triumph, as well as a styling milestone, and it should be emblazoned on the institutional memory of every General Motors employee as a high-water mark of GM's capabilities. Our example for consignment is the beneficiary of a complete reconditioning of every surface and working part on this vehicle…Read on!!

Looking like a small warship from the Star Wars series this futuristic design was truly groundbreaking. A shark-like front grille with hidden headlights and large wrap up and around bumper is up front. At the back of the car, you could envision a fully heated flame throwing and glowing yellow/red jet engine exhaust to show up as it lifts gently into the air then jumps quickly to hyper speed! A beautiful fastback that culminates on a nearly vertical small rear rim panel housing the taillights and more of that wrap up and around the bumper section. Shades of the coke bottle design with the wheel wells flaring their nostrils, and the deep doors and wide B pillar supporting the fastback. Gaps are all excellent, no rust is noted throughout, and it is bathed in Ocean Mist. Bumpers and all trimmings are in excellent shiny condition and glass for the cabin is excellent. Chrome wheel covers are open hole dog dish style wheels with the Olds badge in a black center. These are all wrapped up in thin white sidewall tires in like new condition.

Turning our heads and attention to the inside where we have plenty of turquoise broadcloth with an Avant Garde white stitched flower pattern repeat on the inserts which have a tuck and roll texturing and the smooth turquoise vinyl bolsters surrounding. This is a bench but has bucket styled backs with a fold down central armrest. Slight soiling and some wear through is seen in the drivers bucket. In back a full bench in the same pattern stretches from door to door. This seat is very clean and in not oft used condition. Blue carpeting floods the floors and vinyl turquoise side panels and door panels and cards are nearly perfect. A futuristic dash also in metal turquoise angles towards the passengers and has a different “contemporary” layout for the gauges and sliders. Above is a nice and tight blue vinyl headliner. Being of the deluxe designation we note the desirable tilt/telescopic steering wheel fronting this contemporary dash. This wheel, if looked at carefully, resembles the rail dragster's steering wheel configuration with its chrome shaped horn ring within the black plastic surround. Factory air conditioning rounds out the interior.

Under the hood bathed in sky metallic blue for the block and valve covers is a 425ci V8 with a single 4-barrel carburetor on top. A metallic sky blue air cleaner cover sports the correct stickers and these may even be original. On the back is strapped a recently rebuilt TH425 3-speed automatic transmission and a 3.21 drive axle. Consigner states that the carburetor was recently rebuilt, and a new alternator is now on.

Underneath a well cared for metal environment with pristine floor pans, fender inserts, toe kicks and rockers. This car is an early example of forward thinking and with front wheel drive, look ma no driveshaft!! Torsion bar front suspension, and leaf sprung rear suspension along with 4-wheel power drum brakes, we were ahead of the curve in tech points with this car. A Flowmaster exhaust is installed, as well as all new shocks and brakes.

A must drive for my cohort and myself as it is really nice in its presentation. It did not disappoint with its snappy acceleration on the front wheel drive, so it just pulls you with no fishtail to worry about. Nice cruiser, solid braking, and all functions save for the wipers and backup lights were in working order.

A very forward thinking man's car in design and use of technology for the front wheel drive. Right down to the dash design, this car begged to be different, but not too much so that it presented as weird. All contemporary design which remains timeless for this beautiful classic which will not be here very long if past sales of these classic Buicks were any indication of day counts.

87-2 Door Sport Coupe Custom
M-Lansing, MI Assy Plant
539741-Sequential Unit Number

06A-1st Week June Build
ST 66 39687-1966 Toronado Sport Coupe Custom
BDY EUC33518-Lansing Body #
TR 056D-Turquoise Cloth & Vinyl
PNT KK-Ocean Mist
E-Tinted Glass All
2K-Air Conditioning
5Y-Deluxe Steering Wheel

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